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Thursday, June 16, 2016


Watch the above young man.
With his tribute to the people,
 of Orlando, Pulse &Beyond.
Let's make him famous for this.


Jane Uk said...

Yes love it.

Anonymous said...

Great music.

Also, Kim Kardashian is now claiming that Taylor Swift knew that Kanye West was going to call Taylor a "bitch" in one his songs. And it's all a conspiracy by Taylor to make Kanye look bad again? Kim claims that they have video proof of Taylor knowing this, but Kim and Kanye somehow deleted the video with this proof on it?

Is there any truth to this? Kim's story seems suspect?

Anonymous said...

terrible news in West Yorkshire today CD. I'm hardly shocked by anything in the news anymore but this has shaken me. This time it sounds like a far right supporter.

T. W. said...

May he finally get his big break.

CyndiTx123 said...

Pretty awesome!! Love it.

On another note:
Sad about the death of Jo Cox from the UK…..
Prayers got out to her family.

Please can u give us info on Tay and Tom……

Thanks CD!!

Anonymous said...

PR stunt tay is spreading herself thin. End up with an ordinary person.