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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Down in NY...

I wonder if Andy Cohen, Bravo bigwig.
Realizes what a monster.
He has created in RHONY.....
Sure so far it's been great for ratings.
But it's about to hit an all time, LOW...
These "Ladies",
 are so out of control as well as touch.
Even the ratings won't be able to stay the excuse.


auntliddy said...

I dont think he cares as long as it rakes in the dough.

T. W. said...

Can't stand those shows. Are any of them married?

Anonymous said...

No kidding, Aunt Tiddy. Speaking of tiddys, one of the Beverly Hills housewives had hers out while in half of a bikini. Was in the Daily Mail this week.

Maria said...

I'm not a fan of Andy's. He's a nice guy but he loves all the ratchet behavior. Nene was a wreck and should have left a long time ago. He kept paying her more to stay. Even now she's not on the show, he can't stop bringing her back! For what? I can't even watch RHOBH anymore because it's gotten so petty and nasty. I love RHONY but you are right - it's turned a bad page. It's gotten crazy with Dorinda and lying Luann. I hope it doesn't die off.

Jane Uk said...

Not heard of this tv show.Sounds like it's got some crazy people on it!!

chris said...

The reality TV genre is so twisted. We think these peeps are real celebrities and bigger than life...Let me point to Exhibit A: Donald Trump running for President. Nuff said.

Cs said...

I do too

Cs said...

I'm afraid this is actually my guilty pleasure! I can't help wonder what is going to happen and to who?

Anonymous said...

Yep, anon 4:36, lest we forget, The Donald is a television actor. Somehow a whole bunch of folks have gotten confused and think he has lived a life dedicated to public service! So far, he hasn't spent one minute of his life in public service. He doesn't like the pay.

Anonymous said...

Acshully it's Aunt Liddy, not Tiddy. And what is a "tiddy?"

J said...

Cd please will you say what's up with Rob? Can you just predict the end? Just one time? Please?

Errin Taylor said...

I miss the old Bravo Channel. I like Andy Cohen, but these reality shows need to go away.

J said...

Come on C, will you comment? Please? Just give us a month.

NicQuerica said...

I do, too. I remember a time when you only saw classy stuff on Bravo. Classic movies and such. Now I don't know what to think of this foolishness we're seeing on t.v.these days. It's awful.

Anonymous said...

Is acshully Ashley? Ashley Liddy?

Charlene Bullock said...

Well their was a sighting of Rob and Twigs looking at a house today in London lol I though RT was over but guess they are still going????

Charlene Bullock said...

Rob and Twigs was looking at an house in London today I though it was over and on Sunday they was at an Dior party in London too