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Friday, June 3, 2016

Gobble, gobble ...

Late Weds night into Early Thurs morning.
Justin Bieber & Rita Ora.
Went out on a"Date" separately to start.
Then together later.
So are we supposed to believe,
 that his is a relationship.
Well it was in a club in WEHO.
The biggest Gay get in the USA.
Just a clue.
But if they want us to believe it.
Why cover their faces.
Maybe it was JB's make up artiste night off....
Certainly was his stylist, day off.
As usual this is just a PR ploy.
He needs good PR.
She needs PR.
Won't see Thanksgiving.


T. W. said...

I wonder which one is gay ...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Justine... Here is an idea for your next tour. Sing True Colors while waving the rainbow flag. I shocked at Rita! She usually goes for ppl that can advance here "career". Her albums are so top secret she does not even know about it or a tentative release date. Please, jump off of your porch Justine.

Anonymous said...

That is a funny photo. The way the famous youngsters of today behave. I am so pleased I am not one of them. Apart from the fact, I am no longer in the young category anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

So he an she or both of them are into the same or bicurious.

T. W. said...

I know that's you Darci. Thanks for my laugh!

Develyn Quinn said...

You always call him your favorite lesbian so...... is he bisexual or nah? Thanks for the reading I had a good laugh when I read your response about my romantic partner Lol you're right I would quiz everyone Lmao. Um in the reading you said "them" did you mean him or them because there are two romantic partners?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Amber walks away with much may be a few 100 thousand, her angle has backfired on her. I think the tide is turning against golddiggers and Johnny looks a wreck for the short time with her. What mess!

Jane Uk said...

She needs a hit quick, her star is falling in uk.