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I have No Idea..... but it's dropped, apparently........

This is my "God "BITCH" Daughter"
But that's not what I call her ha ha.
The above link is to her music which is now on iTunes.
It's very catchy.
So lets get this in the charts.
As she has to earn enough money.
To buy me a Bentley.
She thinks iI want a Ferrari.
Changed my mind.

ps She's half Yorkie.
The better half........


T. W. said…
Let's do this!
CyndiTx123 said…
Congrats to your beautiful and talented God Daughter! Love her work & wish her nothing but success!! She is extremely talented!
Anonymous said…
Ha!ha!I consider myself Yorkshire/Derbyshire(Pontefract/Chesterfield learnt to read and write and got a lot of my sensibilities from then) with Bengali-ness in my blood, north & south London too!!! But not half as talented as BB James! Singing is a great talent and she is so quirky, COOL & CREATIVE! Sending big hugs to her too, keep up the music, do not give up, oh & also .... CD needs a Bentley ;) - good choice! LH, london xxx.
Jane Uk said…
What a beaut, wish her well.

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