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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Indeed ...


Common Sense said...

The Battle of Somme, one of the bloodiest military battles of the first world war.

Anonymous said...

What a week to be commemorating this. It would be nice to look back and think 'we know better now' but we're still being led by donkeys (in fact not being led by anyone at the moment) and Europe is disintegrating into polarised animosity again. I wonder what the dead are thinking as they look on at what's going on now. :-(

Anonymous said...

And on this day of all days, our national mascot warmonger Tony Blair has announced that he's the man to step in and sort the Brexit mess out with the other EU countries. His Peacemaker role in the Middle East was such a spectacular success, and now he wants to spread the love and unity across Europe.

The ETs can't come soon enough. What's Alienish for SOS?

T. W. said...

God bless soldiers and their families.

chris said...

We've learned nothing. History is repeating itself...buckle up, its just getting started.

Anonymous said...

Can you look into Elizabeth Holmes (valued at 9 billion) and her bio-technology company?

Anonymous said...

If anyone didn't see this, today we had a deeply moving and effective commemoration event called We Are Here. Hundreds of young men dressed in authentic uniforms, just hanging out around stations all over the country. Each one represented a real individual. Anyone who approached was given a wordless stare and handed a little card with the soldier's details on, including their death on the Somme 100 years ago today. Very simple idea but it really got through to a lot of people.

Pictures here: https://becausewearehere.co.uk/wearehere/ (Disable your adblock.)

T. W. said...

Thank you.