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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just when all seems Golden...

As everything seems to be wonderful,
 in the World of NBA player Steph Curry.
He has a great career, a great family, 
a scene stealing daughter.
But he also has someone in his inner circle.
That is planning to sell their story.
Time to put this to rest, 
before they cash the cheque.


T. W. said...

Please, let the jump off be a fraudulent story...

Anonymous said...

Are NBA players or athletes in general allergic to monogamy?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Lindsay Logan?

Unknown said...

knew it...

Unknown said...

knew it..

Frugal and Fabulous said... a cleveland fan, is it bad to find some comfort in this as the warriors kick our butts in the finals, AGAIN lol just messing, but it is always sad to me when supposedly "good guys" turn out to not be as good as we thought

Anonymous said...

The jump-off needs to fall back and collect that check or shell be like V. Staviano collecting foodstamps! I wish I could buy with cash. Oh well... EBT = everybody broke today. Hi , TW! It's DW. Y'all see his fugly azzed sneakers?

T. W. said...

Hi DW! Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Bye niqquah