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Monday, June 13, 2016


I do hope George Osbourne and his neighbor.
Are looking forward to the great fall,
 that is about to beset them.
Well, they have been working hard for it.
So it's well deserved.


Anonymous said...

Will UK leave the EU next week?

Tony said...

This government are so out of touch. They've thrown a lot of people on the scrapheap, pick on the vulnerable and disabled and either cut or stopped all benefits, brought in the cruel bedroom tax, and look after the well off, and brought in the disgraceful zero hours contracts. For a lot of people there are hardly any full time Jobs and a lot of people have lost their jobs. And that is just some things that have and are still happening here

Anonymous said...

Bye niqquah

Jane Uk said...

Great news, love it.

Anonymous said...

Out with the Eton toffs

Anonymous said...

Iv been waiting a while for this Christian, I remember his pal was to be ousted still waiting, good to see folks we know on blogger, I hope you do more especially scotland I'd like to see predictions of fraudulent people get their karma especially the ones who ruined my life for their own gain. But im sitting back impatiently waiting on karma.

T. W. said...

Hopefully things will change for the better after this.

Anonymous said...

He's definitely smelling something bad in that picture.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a result for Brexit then. I was dreading the economic repercussions of this, but the forecast for a general financial crash might make it like an upturned bath in a tsunami anyway. Either way we're in for it. I suspect whichever choice wins, it will be seen as a mistake. Neither side is going to be a 'win'.

I won't miss either one of these slimeballs but I fear we'll end up with the Boris and Gove show instead. *Starts snivelling and thumping head on desk*