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Friday, June 10, 2016

LEAVE ......

For those of you that live near, any of the sites.
Of the Euro 2016, football games.
LEAVE now.
It's going to be very sad, as over half a million.
Brit Footie fans swarm on Europe.
They really don't know ow to behave .
Then there's the bloody Isis morons, 
who are planning major attacks.
One or two will not get stopped.


Ali Michelle said...

I really hope you are wrong. As much as I can't stand football, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. bless you christian. xxx

Lorraine parson said...

So sad to think off! Xx

T. W. said...

Thank you for the warning!

Anonymous said...

Love the illustration, happy happy people!

Anonymous said...

Richard Simmons is supposedly having a sex changes so he ain't coming back.

Anonymous said...

I'm dreading this. I really believe the religious fascists will want to get one of their 'happenings' on live TV in front of millions across Europe. It sounds though as if CD sees the return of hooliganism too. Damn them all. Poor France is going through the mill anyway at the moment, the next few weeks feel like they're going to get very dark.

Anonymous said...

I hope your message reaches those who are planning to attend.

Thank you, Christian.


Anonymous said...

Come on England! Nothing happened at London Olympics so hope this will be safe too.

Jane Uk said...

I hope nothing bad happens , alot of young lads from my city have gone over to watch games. Hope they keep safe and everyone else there.