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Friday, June 17, 2016

Little head, ruling big head...

Out of control, Floyd Mayweather.
He of way too much money & EGO....
Has a new Jet, in fact his second one.
Perhaps he's planning to buy a fleet???.
Perhaps he's planning to learn to fly???.
No, doubt that, not bright enough.
Oh well, that just leaves his EGO.
Well, not quite.
All this spending is to do with his,
 profound unhappiness in life.
He's at a major crossroads.
Either he'll keep on spending.
Or get therapy.
My bets on SPENDING.
Sadly not on therapy.
(Needs to change the carpet,AGHHHH)


Anonymous said...

Hard work dedication

Anonymous said...

He gets beat in the head for a living.

T. W. said...

Floyd, please get therapy.

Anonymous said...

Has he ever used any of his money to purchase hooked on phonics lessons. Word on the street is that he can barely read well.

Anonymous said...

He has to find someone who loves him not just his money. Plus he is bores.

Anonymous said...

Christian gave out a bit of Hollywood intrigue while on Ghost Radio last Tuesday night:
Male Hollywood superstar with a franchise, married for a long time, is having an affair with the American fake boyfriend of an American TV reality star. With the blessing of the Superstars wife! Supposed to be exposed in around six weeks.

Who do you think this is?

I'm saying Hugh Jackman for the superstar. Reality star with fake boyfriend: kourtney k and Justin Bieber (lol), Jlo and Casper (lol), Gwen and Blake. I'm laughing at poor Hugh's choices here. Somebody figure this out!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:48 am, he can't. Google it. And another one bites the dust. At least this did not involve a Kartrashian or Kanye pest. Final countdown for Lamar Odom. Chewbakka Kartrashian claims he is using again so she kicked him out of their home. I bet she is feeding the dope to him.

Anonymous said...

I bet it Hugh Jackman man, too. Emphasis on the last name Ha Ha! His "spouse" is his handler. Either it is him or George Clooney.

Anonymous said...

Sad any way you look at it. Money vultures circling.

Common Sense said...

Not Clooney, he has not been married that long. Plus, I hate to disagree, but I don't think it's Hugh Jackman either (he lives in Australia, not Hollywood), so I don"t think it's him. Back to the drawing board!

Harrison Ford? Sylvester Stallone? Denzel Washington? Tom Hanks? John Travolta? Tom Selleck? Kevin Costner? Will Smith?

Fortunately, we only have to wait six weeks and not six years to find out!

Jane Uk said...


Anonymous said...

Hollywood male superstar with a franchise married for a long time? Christian Bale?

Anonymous said...

The Hollywood superstar is foreign. I Think it's like saying Washington politician even though they don't live in Washington DC, it lets you know the politician is big, on the high end federal level. Christian did not use the word superstar, but stressed this was a huge, huge star.

Daniel Craig?

The reality star's PR boyfriend has me stumped.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Craig has been married only a short while.

Anonymous said...

What kind of franchises? There are not so many already. Some super hero movies?

Common Sense said...

Roger Moore and Sean Connery?

Anonymous said...

You are so right about the carpet. That space would be nice with an oriental pattern. Calm. Instead of the swirling chaotic abyss feeling conveyed in that pic. Like his decorator was into Lovecraft.