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Monday, June 27, 2016

Neither stick or automatic..

Well, well, so as predicted.
The second version BBC show 
" Top Gear".
Which stars Brit DJ/presenter Chris Evans,
 & American actor Matt LeBlanc.
Isn't going too well to say the least.
Matt feels the Chris is too much of a diva.
Coming from dumbo, quiet a claim.
One, would have to ask who of the two,
 has the least talent.?
Any how, 
Matt is threatening to quit ,
if the BEEB don't fire Chris.
Well, I don't see Chris being fired.
But I do see the show going "Bye Bye".
Good riddance to over priced & paid rubbish.


Cs said...

Have had no desire to watch it as gingey is so annoying! I love the original Top Gear though

Anonymous said...

LOL! So basically, the show is a pinto...

Anonymous said...

And with american actor Chris Evans please?

T. W. said...

Well then ...

Common Sense said...

Agreed. I loathe overpaid actors who are not professional in their work. How many of us work with someone we don't like? We have to suck it up, and I would think if you are earning good wages, all the more reason to zip it.

Jane Uk said...

It ok to watch but not as good as before.I agree they overpaid and the last lot to.

Anonymous said...

Matt without a script is boring and wooden that us why basic TV shows work for him. No effort has to be made. Chris is overated and over, they both have enough to retire.

Anonymous said...

They are all overpaid and creating a rise in the cost of living. At some point they can't ignore the homeless crisis. Would any donate to build homes that have low running cost? And getting people who want to work back into the system.

Anonymous said...

Junkyard for these two dogs.