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Saturday, June 11, 2016


So Justin "My Favorite Lesbian" Biebers.
are worried that he is heading for a breakdown.
No kidding.
Heading for a breakdown?
He's in a fully fledged massive breakdown.
Just wait till the Fall/Autumn.


T. W. said...

Man, you mean it's going to get worse? I feel bad for this kid. Where are his parents? Are they too busy spending his money?

Cs said...

Wow shocking

Anonymous said...

"They" or the powers that be do not care. The make $$$ off of their industry pawns and their misery to sell albums. Nervous meltdowns and industry induced schizophrenia is the price artists pay for fame.

NicQuerica said...

You mean he's already in the midst of a breakdown? So what happens after he hits bottom completely? Personally I think a breakdown isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes you have to be torn down in order to build yourself back up.

T. W. said...

True. Breakdowns can be cathartic.

NicQuerica said...

That's true. See: Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.

NicQuerica said...

Yes, a breakdown between who/what you think you are, and the potential for who you REALLY are, or can be.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone just total bonkers on here?

Jane Uk said...

Wish him well, Britney and Mariah to me have never seem happy though. I've always felt really sorry for Britney.Breakdowns are awful. I've be there, more then one time.

Anonymous said...

So what seems to be the child's problem? He can't handle fame, or he's got too much money and fame and doesn't really know how to live life....having not been taught since he was apparently raised by wolves.

Anonymous said...

I have always had a feeling that he may commit suicide. I hope that I am wrong. I know people tease and make fun of him but he has SERIOUS issues. He needs serious help and to get away from those that surround him. He needs to get out of show biz completely or for a long, long time.

T. W. said...

Send Christian a recent pic and ask to be put on the healing list. I wish you well!

T. W. said...

We like to have fun.

Anonymous said...

Mariah still believes the hype and Brittany never came back.

Achmed said...

Anonymous at 8:42 AM

Silence...! I keel you!