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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thank You Amazon...

Coming soon.
A new show called 
"The Last Tycoon"
From the novel by,
 F.Scott Fitzgerald.
It's going to be a hit.
Mainly due to Matt Bomer.


T. W. said...

This is good news.

Maria said...

God, he was yummy in The Normal Heart. The movie ripped me apart but I loved his performance. And Mark Ruffalo! Yum yum yum.

Anonymous said...

The UK don't want to exit after all you fooled the gullible and now the EU await article 50. You can't get the same treatment and not be a club member. EU only, Ireland smiles and I wish I could wrangle and Irish passport too.

Common Sense said...

Love Fitzgerald novels. Oh this is going to be worth watching!

Gemstone77 said...

Hi CD, Boris Johnson says he won't be standing for Prime Minister in the UK. Any idea who will take over from David Cameron?

Anonymous said...

Boris has said no to being the next British PM...

Anonymous said...

Matt Bomer, so good that he will be successful.

Anonymous said...

So one person can make a difference in sense of make or break/ hit or miss in making something a success
Develyn Quinn

Anonymous said...

Can you make for Jaimie dornan and Amelia Warner ☺️ Please