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Friday, June 24, 2016

The next PLAGUE .....

A legal drug used in Hospitals.
However the illegal version,
 now on the streets of the WORLD.
Is the most deadly thing,
 seen in the world of drugs EVER.
Well, if the powers that be don't do something.
To either stop this.
Or help those addicted.
Or better still, BOTH.
There are going to be millions of "DEAD" addicts.
On the Streets and under overpasses everywhere.


T. W. said...

This stuff is worse than morphine and heroine.

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh*t!

Anonymous said...



chris said...

Michael Jackson

Anonymous said...

Ironic how it says 'preservative free' - like that matters when you're in a deathly comatose! Geez... So many different drug rehabilitation places (that actually help and work) are needed...here's hoping this will spur action.

Jane Uk said...

Gosh never heard of it, hope it never comes to England.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson died from propanol and benzodiazepine (Ativan, enough to put six people to sleep) not fentanyl.

T. W. said...

The hospitals have it. You can even be prescribed fentanyl patches and lollipops.

Common Sense said...

Young teens in my city, my country, have overdosed on it. Reports of overdoses have subsided, but I guess that's just temporary relief for parents.

Anonymous said...

187,000 drug deaths per year worldwide, 44,000 of those in the US. Having that inflate to millions is mind boggling.