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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Time to go ....

Here's  a sweet pic of Renee Zellweger, 
having a smooch with her beau, Doyle Bramhall.
It's not the fact that he looks,
 like a young Micky Rouke.
It's that he looks very dark.
I hope she sees the light and dumps him.


CyndiTx123 said...

Oh wow!! She really loves him- is what I read about her recently……. Hopefully she will figure it out and move on to someone thats better for her out there!

Anonymous said...

That pic makes him look like he got the bun. Wha?

Frugal and Fabulous said...

taylor swift was caught kissing tom hiddleston just two weeks after breaking up with Calvin Harris,if it is true and she was with tom hiddleston a month before their breakup... she's only 26? She sure gets around and I'm starting to see what Christian says about her for really being a bitch but putting on a front in public...all of her moves seem so calculated

melmomma6 said...

OMGosh how funnneeee Anonymous @ 4:11 am. Breasteses! Gots to love this site!!!!!!!! Love ya CD!

Anonymous said...

I say again... Bye niqquah

Anonymous said...

Will she ever get together with a good guy?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Internet meltdown re Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddles. I am praying they are real and both just open to a public (but real) relationship. How long are they going to be together?!

ps. It's hard to get comments to go through on this site. Else, I would comment more frequently.

Christian Dion said...

TS/bitch was cheating on Calvin with Tom for a while. It's what she does.
I told you years ago she's nasty spoil bitch who feels she can do anything hurting anyone, well Karma ahead. Mind you I also feel that her "relationships"are all PR to, so her team are really playing everyone on her behalf..CD

cecilia bryant said...

For a second there Frugal and Fabulous I thought your Tom Hiddleston said "Torn Hiddleston". Did Tom know that he was crossing a boundary with this relationship CD? I thought Tom was a genuine man but is he choosing to go down this path?

Jane Uk said...

Is he going to be the new James Bond?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Christian, I would never think that Tom is such a jeark to sleep with a woman that is with another man. They are both classless. I thought that the relationship with Tom is a real one not PR.

T. W. said...

Seems like Renee keeps choosing jerks. I pray Christian's message gets through to her.

Anonymous said...

Christian is the friend we all wish we had!

Anonymous said...

Recently via various quotes and stories it felt to me as if he'd blown his chances with the Bond thing (agent got too greedy?) If so, is this a new PR move to keep his name up there as an A list contender?

NicQuerica said...

If that's really the case then they should reconsider Idris Elba for.the role. Love him, if I have another son I'm going to name him after Idris LOL

Common Sense said...

Calvin seems to be just a nice, regular guy -- nothing wrong with that, except I don't think he's enough for Swifty. Tom is very interesting, more worldly, suave and well, I can't blame her for wanting to liplock him. I am not saying it's okay to do this while still dating Calvin, but it appears that Tom is the reason for the breakup. If Tom gets the Bond role, I doubt this relationship would go anywhere. Like CD said, it's all PR anyway.