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Friday, June 24, 2016

TOLD YA, Closer & closer ..


Thursday, August 7, 2014

More to come.....

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London.
Has announced,
 that he will run for a seat in Parliament.
No surprise really.
But wait till he becomes Prime Minister.
(2016 a new Mayor, A new Direction). 
From another Cliche of society.
Won't be good after the Honeymoon.


Anonymous said...

I want to cheer my fellow Brits up, but the similarity between these two pictures is so unnerving it's actually quite frightening. Pity Kate Hoey who translates into an inflatable 'wife'.


truly, Britain is about to be trapped under a cow.

Anonymous said...

"I remember the good old days when we were in the EU, Boris Johnson was nothing but a lovable buffoon on Have I Got News For You. And Donald Trump used to be on a TV game show called The Apprentice. What do you mean you don't believe me, grandchild?"

Mariefass said...

Boris is so unstable it is not even funny. I agree with you C D , the Brits will soon have a case of 'buyers remorse' if they elect this idiot.

Jane Uk said...

Please could you tell us what will happen to labour now?

T. W. said...

Praying for Britain.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop putting political trust into men with bad hair pieces.

Anonymous said...

Great comments!

Anonymous said...

crazy eyes! Britain needs to change and move on from the past.

Anonymous said...

True. Cant rely on his judgement.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually a fan of Russell Brand (where has he disappeared to?) but a few years ago he wrote a piece about Boris Johnson when he was still getting away with being a cheeky chappie. Brand called him 'The most dangerous man in Britain.' Rather prescient I think.

Anonymous said...

He chose not to stand but I believe he will be pressured to. Or the door to someone who cares steps in to prevent further calamity.