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TOLD YA, She knew, so did his Father ..

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Looking Glass ..

This is the monster that shot all those innocent people, at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.
His name was Omar Mateen, an Isis convert.
So it is assumed that he did this in the name of his GOD.
But I look at him and see,
 that he was full of self hate.
Why? clearly "GAY".
So just wait till he gets to his Heaven (Hell).
To find out that he won't be getting any Virgins,
 or anything else.
Time for the World to reach out.
To explain to these people.
That they need to re think their ways.


Anonymous said…
His gay sextape was leaked last night. Watch some pervert or Katrashian buy it. My bets on Vivid entertainment...
Anonymous said…
The father is pure evil. Lock them both up show no mercy
cecilia bryant said…
I had a feeling his father knew.
Anonymous said…
I'm beyond sick and tired of this type of storyline - family and friends had 'no idea' where the jihadi got his views from. Then the layers peel back and they all knew, had history of extremist views, did anti infidel protests, helped with the supplies, etc. And then the mosque spokesperson says they were just 'normal' muslims. Not realising how that is going to make normal muslims look! Or is that really what 'normal' muslims are today? Someone someday is going to have to break through this kind of crap in their communities and be honest about what's going on under their noses.

From one repellent family to another - CD have you seen the news just out about Clement Freud? Another one unfurled as rapescum - and involved with the McCanns!
T. W. said…
Someone else always knows.
Maria said…
Began to suspect this as well. Just a feeling the more I saw his face too. I mean God, knows we can't escape it there were enough selfies. It's beyond twisted to hate yourself and project that hate onto so many innocent people. That kind of pathology is mind numbing. I cannot grasp the dangerous people walking among us. At least some people tried to stop him. I hope his wife goes to prison for a very long time. She is a monster too.
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:58 Too true!

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