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TOLD YA, So sad you say ..

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

So,so sad ...

The Holy month of Ramadan.
Begins this year on June 5th to July 5th .
As much as this is a very special time, 
to true believers.
The morons that are Isis etc.
Will use this time, this year to cause major upsets.
Worse than ever before.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions

Christian Dions’
Psychic Predictions 2016
(Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA).
(Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT) 

There are as I mentioned above many more attacks, in the pipeline.
At least, 
six in the USA.
Many more, 
that we won’t hear of as the powers that be,
Will stop them.
The UK won’t get away lightly either.
In fact although they won’t have as many attacks that are successful,
The numbers of injuries will be higher.
Not just in London either. These monsters are looking at the Midlands and the North to make their voices heard.
Canada needs also, to keep a sharp eye out on their West Coast.
Plans are a foot to make them sit up and take notice.
They also haven’t finished with France.
They see the 2015 events as a bit of a failure.
I feel that they will go for Paris of course.
But the are about to spread their terror in the coming months.
They also intend to make the people of the Nordic countries, feel the wrath of their ideas and hatred.
Germany in particular, is under their planning wing.
They want to make the German people truly bleed.
They intend to really go for the Airlines this year.
No matter what security, the airlines feel that they have in place it.
Will do little to stop them.
They intend to bring down an airliner a month in the coming year.
Some of the carriers they attack will be obvious, but others, will raise many eyebrows.
Australia is also  under the magnifying glass of distractions.
A couple of big hits in Sydney, with others to follow.
They also have a plan to see just how many Heads of Countries that they can in someway do damage to.
The World will be terribly shocked with just how successful that will be.
We shouldn’t just be looking at the single men theory, or lone wolves.
Married couples will top the list.


Anonymous said…
That had to happen sooner or later targeting groups of people. But the West needs to make amends to stop this.
Jane Uk said…
Just heard about this after coming back from church, got no words how sorry i am for the young people murdered by hate.
Anonymous said…
Amends.. we need to make amends??. Are you kidding me with this backward ass religion stuck in the 13th century killing people because they are gay. When since are you supposed to die because you are gay or anything else.
GTFO of here with that shit. Tired of the escuse for these radical muslims. Tired of it.. Amend nothing.. clamp down and if you don't like our laws and views here GET OUT and go live someplace else.
Anonymous said…
'Amends'? What a revealing comment from the denialist mindset. The West is not responsible for this. The West led the way with human rights for all no matter what gender or sexuality. Including the rights of all women and gay people to be free in Islamic societies too.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:03, you are so right. Amen to every word.

This site has been infected with a group of nuts who jump in with their trash talk. I've been on them all week, and I'm glad to see you!

The above comment about amends sounds like one of these nuts who is always up top with her handle, yet has been MIA about this act of terrorism.
Common Sense said…
Ahhh, yes indeed, NicQuerica. More like "two peas in a pod."

There is a saying "Hurt people hurt people."

"I have never in my life seen a well-adjusted and happy person who purposely writes vicious, hate-filled emails/comments in an attempt to tear someone else down. Why? Because they’re too busy being well-adjusted and happy to waste their time being an insufferable jerk, that’s why.

I have never received a piece of vicious criticism from a person who is actually putting him/herself out there by creating anything meaningful.

People like these are experts at trying to destroy things behind the safety of a computer screen (no skill or talent is needed to do that), but they’re pretty much incapable of publicly building anything useful (lots of skill, talent, and guts are needed to do that).

I remind myself of both points whenever I deal with mean-spirited comments or mean-spirited behavior. Others should too.

Simply put, people who choose to hurt others are the broken souls of the world who are deeply hurting themselves.

If you’re dealing with people who seemingly find pleasure in directing destructive criticism your way, just remember this:

Their hate has nothing to do with how they feel about YOU, it’s a reflection about how THEY FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES."
T. W. said…
Just got out of church so I could not comment until now. The west does NOT have to make amends. Muslims need to apologize for bringing their sharia law with them. I am sorry the attack happened. MTO is reporting a suspected terrorist was caught in West Hollywood. Seems like there is an attack on gays. As for me, you don't know me and I can tell you have not been here long based on what you think I would say. I have no problem with you and hope you continue to come here and comment. God bless you. Pray for me.
T. W. said…
Thanks for this. I do not take the hate comments personally, that is what they want. Someone was right, i do comment a lot. I do it because i like you all and the blog. Why not pray for people we don't like or who's comments we don't like?
Jane Uk said…
Love you T.W don't stop commenting ,love and respect to you.

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