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TOLDYA, Proof the wife knew.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Looking Glass ..

This is the monster that shot all those innocent people, at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.
His name was Omar Mateen, an Isis convert.
So it is assumed that he did this in the name of his GOD.
But I look at him and see,
 that he was full of self hate.
Why? clearly "GAY".
So just wait till he gets to his Heaven (Hell).
To find out that he won't be getting any Virgins,
 or anything else.
Time for the World to reach out.
To explain to these people.
That they need to re think their ways.


Anonymous said…
They give these women a get out of jail free card all the time because they are "moms". This one may not get the free pass, she TEXTED him multiple times while attack was going on.
T. W. said…
I hope she is arrested and convicted.
Maureen said…
I take it that this was the present wife, not the one whose parents came and got her. He must have been full of self hate which devolved into rage. The dad must bear some responsibility as well. I think he knows more than he is telling. Christian gets a Told Ya because this dude was a latent homosexual from all reports. Astrologically it all makes sense but I won't go into that here.
Christian, do you see Britain leaving the EU. You've said that the UK government might not survive this year.
Can you also reassure us that a Republican will not be elected to the Presidency in 2016. Tell us the energy hasn't changed. The hate of the party is reprehensible. All those preachers and politicians equating being gay with pedophilia is just so WRONG! Then there's Trump and McCain saying Obama was directly involved with Orlando and Trump saying he's a Muslim. I get so sad when I see all this negativity out there, I'm close to losing hope.

Christina Gould said…
Sorry, but this was just another fake shooting perpetrated by the DHS/CIA/FBI. I'm surprised you haven't figured that out. The actual evidence is overwhelming, especially the poorly orchestrated Sandy Hook fake shooting. Research it (well).

Jane Uk said…
Why would she do it?
@ Maureen said…
Hello Maureen. Scroll down the page and listen to his radio interview on ghost radio. He answers every you are asking in that. Its a good listen.

Ali xx
Anonymous said…
I don't believe that the Dad must bear any responsibility for this. We don't know if the shooter told his Dad anything. And there are "bad seeds". He was over 18.

Anonymous said…
The entire family knows
Now the dead piece of shit sold his house to brother in law for 100 dollars
FBI locks them all up we are too soft on these conspirators.. Too soft period
Tired of the same shit
We must light a candle and just pray
Gimme a break

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