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Friday, June 24, 2016

True love, Ha Ha ..

Playboy Model & ex of Justin Bieber.
26 yr old Xenia Deli, got married.
To whom do I here you ask.
A multi millionaire, 
named Ossama Fathi Al-Sharif.
He's a 62 yr old Egyptian.
Where are her parents in all this.
He must be older than they are....
As though this is going to last.


T. W. said...

I don't know whether to laugh or to be shocked.

Anonymous said...

She's not that pretty but he wants kids and looks good for his age.

Jane Uk said...

Hope when they do part that he isn't nasty to her. Her parents must be worried . I'll be doing my nut in, if it was my daughter.

Common Sense said...

Seriously? Not that pretty? She appears quite lovely. ????
He looks fantastic for 62 years of age. Egyptian men are very controlling. She is marrying "well" and will have the finest of everything, but I truly doubt she will be happy with all her freedom taken away.

Anonymous said...

Hi TW. The parents don't care. That $$ real.

T. W. said...


Anonymous said...

Legal prostitution

Anonymous said...

I repeat not that pretty, Tyra forehad. Now remove the make up!

Anonymous said...

hello christian ... can you tell us about the future of Evans please. Thanks

Common Sense said...

I saw online other photos of Xenia and I beg to differ, she is a gorgeous girl. Yes, she has a high forehead, and yes, Tyra does too -- but don't forget that high honkin' forehead did not stop Miss Tyra from becoming one of the world's original Supermodels (not like the crop with wealthy parents out there today), becoming a producer, actress, talk show host, dating some of the most eligible bachelors, having her own shows, and earning millions, living in a mansion in Malibu. Another famous gorgeous lady with a high forehead? Angelina Jolie!