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Monday, June 13, 2016

Wobbly Wobbly..

UK Morning TV presenter Holly Willoughby.
Needs to sort herself out.
Before she falls off that wobbly pedestal.
That she lives on.
All is not what it seems in her life.
Both Professional & Private.


T. W. said...

Been there. Take care Holly!

Anonymous said...

Seems very fake this lady.

Jane Uk said...

Partying too much?

Cs said...

I agree she plays two characters sweetness and light then a different persona on celebrity juice. I couldn't watch her on tv anymore.

Cs said...

If only you could tell us more CD!

Anonymous said...

No spark in her eyes in that picture.

NicQuerica said...

She reminds me of Kelly Ripa hehe.

Anonymous said...

Tell us more CD.