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Thursday, June 23, 2016

You asked?

Is HRH Prince Harry dating Ellie Goudling.
Yeah right.
Do really think that lot at the "Firm".
Would let her in.
If you believe that. 
There's a Metal Tower In Paris I can sell you.


T. W. said...

How much for the tower? Ha ha ha ...

Anonymous said...

He dates blondes he misses his mum

Anonymous said...

Is the rapper "Drake" as innocent as the public makes him to be?

There's been too many stories of his bodyguards assaulting people, that it makes me question how much of a nice guy he is..

Anonymous said...

Can you do one on Anton Yelchin? He played in star trek the newer versions. I just found out he passed away few days ago. Really shocked me

Common Sense said...

Ha Ha, good one! I really sense that he wants to find the ONE, settle down and have children. To find a girl like Mum is not going to be easy, especially one that will get the thumbs up from the Queen.

Frugal and Fabulous said...

she gets around geez...but I like her music

Anonymous said...

It's a shame about the restrictions on him. In that picture, he is beaming. They look happy together.

Anonymous said...

Read his body language: Just Friends!

Anonymous said...

Body language, they are both looking straight at the camera,which means no hiding from it, he has genuine laugh lines showing around his eyes, which means his smile is real, her breasts are pressed into his side, which means she's available to him, he has a slight lean into those breasts, which means he's interested, what did I miss that says Just Friends?