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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beam them ahoy ......

Actor Chris Evans, 
has been doing very well of late.
Well on the professional front, 
he's going to get even more success.
He needs to clear out some friends, 
on the personal level however.
He knows who needs to go.


T. W. said...

Make the cut Chris!

Anonymous said...

And with is relationship with Jenny slate please ������

Anonymous said...

yeah, what is it about her...I just don't like her...

Anonymous said...

Kendall jenner snapchatted, but then deleted a picture of herself with a cocaine baggie. Is she on the sugar boogers?

CyndiTx123 said...

Isn't Chris Pine on the Startrek movies and not Chris Evans? Anyway, just curious :)

But loving the idea that Chris Evans is dating the comedian formerly of SNL…..

Common Sense said...

Weird match (Jenny and Chris). Ugh, no! I think SHE is the ONE CD is suggesting that "needs to go." She is newly divorced, this relationship won't last!

Anonymous said...

And Jamie dornan and amelia Warner

Anonymous said...

Benedict cumberbact and his Sophie hunter please CD

Anonymous said...

Montreal Canadiens traded PK Subban to Nashville Predators. The Canadiens fans are so shocked. My intuition tell me that the Canadian is better without him. I don't see PK Suburban having a long career in the National Hockey League. I'am that wrong? What do you see? Thank you!

rchjava-ed said...

Good for you, Chris - stay away from the paris-hilton types. I'm glad to see an actor being responsible and careful at the same time.

Common Sense said...

PK Subban... Why do you feel that way? He's only 27 years old and people like him (some don't). Going to Nashville isn't so bad, there are worse teams to get traded to such as the Flames. They have sucked for years and haven't won a cup in decades.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian,

Can I ask your opinion about Jenny Slater? Is it real or just PR?

Many thanks,
A big fan