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Monday, July 4, 2016

HEre's some cheery news ..

Seems that Dickhead, despot and around arsehole.
North Korea Dictator Kim Jon Un.
Keeps on piling on the weight.
He's gained over 80lbs in the last few months.
Now let's all wish him happy eating,
 and even more weight gain.
As he's heading for that Heart Attack.
Couldn't happen to a nicer person.
Plus the smoking helps he he.


T. W. said...

Keep eating Kim!

Anonymous said...

I'd ask how he manages to wipe at this point, but I presume he has a lowly family member or giddy sycophant who does that for him.

Common Sense said...

All that junk food has gone to his head, er, stomach. **smiling** Perhaps we should all take up a collection and send a box of double-dipped donuts his way!

Anonymous said...

Cheeky but that is emotional eating, he is not happy.

Anonymous said...

He looks as though he suffers from some kind of medical syndrome; seriously. The facial features and body build.

Anonymous said...

Weird propaganda photo of a madman.

Common Sense said...

I agree with the Anonymous comment above that it probably is "emotional eating" and of course his addiction for cigarettes is like a slow suicide. The fool lacks genuine love for himself, impossible to love anybody else, let alone the people of his own dam country. Perhaps the next of kin in line will have a healthy "heart."

Anonymous said...

his hair reminds me of Moe from the Three Stooges!

Anonymous said...

He's a dismal little fart. Cuban heel shoes, addicted to cheese and champagne.....all while the people he rules are starving.