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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Horse & Carriage ....

So after a lot of thinking.
Donald "Babyfart" Trump.
Has chosen his running mate for VP.
The Gov of Indiana Mike Pence.
I personally don't believe it took much thought.
As I get the feeling the Mike Pence was the first, as well as the only one to say yes.
Just wait till the Hilary team get to work on him.
They must be tugging at the leash....
Oh, I hope Babyfart doesn't think,
 this will help him win, he he....


T. W. said...

He must have skeletons deep in the closet.

Anonymous said...

More important than that erdogan in Turkey has been overthrown - army in control of country.

Louis said...

In old England Tuppence was a cost of visiting a brothel, which usually involved a nasty itchy rash afterwards .... So, America the name is right in front of you ...Trumpence is a four year itchy rash you'll quickly regret..if you chose to go there!!!

At least they're honest about what you'll get.

Anonymous said...

Whitest white men in America, once all the orange is scrubbed off.

Trump really did a number on Chris Christie. The Art of the Deal, he he. Guess Trump forgot it was New Jersey he was snubbing, too. As CD likes to say, "This won't end well."

Had not heard that Turkeys ruler was deposed. Sometimes these awful dictators are the only glue holding things together.

Anonymous said...

Will the venture capitalist Pete Thiel ever get karma for his role in Gawker and supporting Donald Trump? Someone with so much money shouldn't have so much power.

Anonymous said...

Trump's own party don't support him but still the public believe the bull. There are too many sheep among us.

T. W. said...

Thanks for the news.

cecilia bryant said...

Does anyone need TP for their bathroom? Joking, but I couldn't resist. Pence reeks of evil. But I am not surprised, like attracts like. Both him and Trump are both in the same "no integrity" boat.

Anonymous said...

The latest news said the military coup failed...citizens rose up!!

Anonymous said...

The donator's are the most frightening, look at the names on the list for Trump too.

T. W. said...

TP is full of $hit.

Common Sense said...

I think T.W. what you really mean to say (and what we are all thinking) is that MP is full of $hit!

You can't make this stuff up! This week's Republican National Convention is going to be better than any reality TV show. The Trump show, co-starring Mike Pence, with special appearances by Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Tiffany Trump, and Barron Trump. Also, special appearances by stupid celebrities.

Anonymous said...

Also, the Trump dogs and cats will be speaking!


T. W. said...


Anonymous said...

Cecilia B, when you commented about the TP, I thought of Beavis and Butthole: "TP for your bunghole."