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Saturday, July 30, 2016

I'm BACK.......


If all goes well, and it will.
Chris Evans is to Star,
 in the movie version of the BBC TV show "Jekyll".
It's a spooky show.
So let hope the movie is the same.
It will.
Box office smash......


T. W. said...

He's on a roll!

Anonymous said...

Are Cara Delevigne and her girlfriend Annie Clark getting engaged?

Anonymous said...

CD, IS Chris's relationship with Jenny Slate real or PR? They seem like a mismatched couple.

Anonymous said...

When I was watching captain America I noticed a look in his eyes. Those moments in scenes that people normally miss. I remember rewinding it a few times, I told myself he could play an evil character or some sort of killer in a movie oxo. It's the scene where he wakes up in the room the fake room. If anyone's curious just select maybe the second scene of the end if your going backwards you'll figure it out-Ciao


Anonymous said...

Is chris evans gay by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Will Chris/Jenny make it to altar or break up by 2017?

Anonymous said...

No, he isn't.