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1 Question $20 USD
3 Questions $50 USD
6 Questions $80 USD
8 Questions $100 USD
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

NEW Email Reading Options...

Many have asked for more choices,
 so here they are.

Readings via Email.

One Question     $20 USD
Three Questions $50 USD
Six Questions      $80 USD

Simply send your questions,
along with a photo of the person,
 requiring the reading.
To cdreadings@aol.com.
Send the correct payment to
Paypal to cdreadings@aol.com.
(paypal.com explains how to send payment).
Readings done within 48hrs
(excluding Sunday)


Frugal and Fabulous said...

awesome! thank you!

Lucy G. said...

Do you do private, in-person readings or only email?

Christian Dion said...

If you email cdreadings@aol.com you'll be sent the details CD

T. W. said...

This will help a lot of people. You are kind to do this.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've had a few readings! CD is great!

Cs said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How should we word questions?

Anonymous said...

I just sent mine but I wish that I could afford more than one question.

Anonymous said...

CD you were right about the police killing black me for no reason when will this end? Considering the Alton case some people say he had a gun but They had him pinned down and tasered. And called for the gun and shot him. When you're tasered your body is not going to stay still let's face it. And there was no gun taken from the scene that was the victim's. I hope there is no cover up, that man did not have to die.

Anonymous said...

Yes do you do in person? Or group private readings in a home.

Christian Dion said...

More details email cdreadings@aol.com for reading rates.

Anonymous said...

Awww thank you so much CD, I will definitely get one from you again :)

Common Sense said...

Really great news, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

He's great positive and uplifting! Glad I purchased he gets straight to the point.

Anonymous said...

i just realized what a bargain the six question reading is: $120 worth of questions for $80! Wow. He knows that the people who need the reading the most, have the most questions, and he has done them a great kindness. Good man, our CD!

Anonymous said...

Do you talk about kids, pregnancy etc. Am asking this because some psychics won't answer any questions relating to these two.