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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Out, and about in Malibu ..

Seems like Ryan Seacrest has a new lady friend.
Here they are spotted in Malibu, very nice.
Looks to me like he'll be needing,
 some new heels for this one.
Mind you, he'll only need one pair...
Red, glittery.....


T. W. said...

Come out Ryan...

Anonymous said...

Please Benedict cumberbact and is wife and Jamie dornan and is wife.,,, please ❤️❤️��

Anonymous said...

He manages to hide his real lovers. It must horrible to live like that I guess the money comforts him and the fake lovers.

Chris Evans is being investigated for sexual assault in the 90s.

Anonymous said...

No joke but is there a process beard agency that you guys know of? I need to pay my student loans. Or at least the interest rate.

Anonymous said...

He's taking one page from Leo's playbook.

Anonymous said...

I would Love to read these "bearding contracts"...

T. W. said...

You are not the only one. Someone please reveal.

Anonymous said...

How do I sign up? With a free wardrobe, pampering and you get gifts and paid. And you can avoid sex too as no mutual interest.

Maria said...


It took me a minute to get that. Ryan is such a dork. Way too much maintenance too. He's one of those people you see in L.A. who tries a little too hard with the coolness.

Anonymous said...

OUT and about in Malibu very subtle but hits the mark, very funny.

But he doesn't always like to be out and about.

Anonymous said...

FBI could not press charges as Hilary wants to President.

Common Sense said...

Yeah me too Maria. I didn't get the posting at first as I did not know Ryan was... gay! He had a long-term relationship with Blondie from Dancing with the Stars... so I guess that was fake or at least he played the "role" of a normal boyfriend.

What is it about Hollywood, it seems everybody and every relationship is fake.

Anonymous said...

Surrender already, Dorothy. Everybody knows.

Anonymous said...

How is that US and mainly Hollywood are so open about sexual orientations but at the same time people I mean, men still need to hide and play their ''I'm a straight guy'' games????

Frugal and Fabulous said...

why is he afraid to come out?...more people would probably love him for it, I would think

Maria said...

Haha ;D Totally Common Sense, it was super creepy seeing him and Julianne together. But she is one ambitious girl. And would anyone be dating him if he weren't filthy rich? And seriously Ryan just be gay! No one cares. Most of us just resent you for helping create the Kardashian monstrosity.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand this need for bearding anymore. Who cares? It's a non-issue, it's widely accepted. What are they afraid of? People appreciate people who are authentic and real. I really wish all this 1950s-era behavior would stop, as there's just no need for it. It frustrates and saddens me.


Christian Dion said...

Shep the reason "Bearding" goes on is the same as people voting for Trump and his like CD