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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


He he seems like Jennifer Lopez & Calvin Harris. Are to make music together.
Can't wait, bound to be a hit.
Plus it'll piss off, Taylor Swift no end.
Oh fun & joy ahead.......


Anonymous said...

Omg, good one!

T. W. said...

This is funny. Thanks Christian!

Frugal and Fabulous said...

haha can't wait and what ISN'T taylor swift mad about?...she thinks she is queen of the world or something...but now her little puppets are breaking loose so she is probably scared...who will kiss her ass now? I bet more celebs come out to tell the truth about her character

chris said...

Seriously, why should Taylor care? She has been HiddleSwifting all over the world. She is such a control freak. I like this collaboration.

Anonymous said...

That's good

Common Sense said...

True Chris, but Swifty probably thinks she is so great, that Calvin should be dilapidated, crying and unable to sleep, work, or eat because she left him. Instead, he is moving forward, getting on with his life as if he never broke up with anyone, and making hit music with some big name clients. Good for him!

T. W. said...

Miss Cleo has died of cancer.

NicQuerica said...

Ooh this should be interesting. Christian is Selena Gomez going to leave the music business behind? Word is that she's becoming disillusioned with the whole thing and is getting sick and tired of Swift and her controlling ways.

Anonymous said...

Wow, music is going to be good, thanks for the JLo update... sorry Tay Tay, we are going to a party on the block!

Anonymous said...

They are gonna have big fun! Good for them

Selena Gomez is a decent actress, so can switch to that. Maybe do the occasional song for her films.


NicQuerica said...

Ah that might work. Nothing to do but wait and see if she goes that route.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so, she is so over and desperate.

NicQuerica said...

Who, Selena? Nah don't count her out yet, she's still quite young and figuring it all out. She's just the right age to start seriously questioning things ("where am I going? What am I doing? Is this really what I want?").