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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Well at least he's called Egor.

So just when you thought the coast was clear.
Lindsay Lohan 29 yr old reappears.
This time she's dating a Russian born, 
London based Estate Agent, 
22yr old Egor Tarasov.
Well, it's one way of getting discount on a flat,
 ha ha.
Let's see, won't get to the fall.


T. W. said…
No one deserves abuse.
Common Sense said…
Well, at least for a while she found a little happiness. I sincerely hope she doesn't take a step backwards after the breakup.
Anonymous said…
She announced she is preggers. Did she take that back? Lolz. Anyway, she can't expect a 22 yr. old to be mature. In girl years, he has the maturity level of a 14 year old.
Common Sense said…
He is probably more mature than she is.
Anonymous said…
Speaking of bad relationships, can you tell us about Rudy from the Cosby show husband dumping her and leaving her preggers? Shes been devested and crying! Its upsetting to see someone who is in pain

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