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Monday, July 11, 2016

Won't see the 2nd Anniversary..

Well, surprise.......
So Derek Jeter 42 has married Hannah Davis 26.
Clearly a numbers game.
She's own it for the money/fame.
Not a happy ending... 
for sure ....


Anonymous said...

The wedding pictures look weird but you know money makes you happy for a little while until the honey moon period is over and then the real personality comes out. I guess he'll be driven to cheat and she';; get revenge by getting pregnant hopefully by him.

Anonymous said...

Their body language is not of love, just for the cameras. It makes marriage meaningless, there is no love in their eyes for each other.

Anonymous said...

As long as he's got money I'll see past the fact that he's of black ancestry for now.

Maria said...


I was just looking at their lavish wedding, rolling my eyes. So no tears shed here. lol

T. W. said...

Hope she didn't catch the herp.

Common Sense said...

Such a lovely, beautiful, foolish girl...

T. W. said...


chris said...

Here is a lovely blind that was just posted:
Yesterday marked at least seven consecutive days that I know of anyway that this former A+ list athlete didn’t cheat on his now wife. As for eight days ago, well… Derek Jeter/Hannah Davis