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Monday, August 15, 2016

Oh How SWEET, UGH.....

So my favorite Lesbian, Justin Bieber,
 is dating.... again.
Here they are, Sofia Richie.
Lionel must be so pleased.
Is it just me, or is she wearing his Bath Robe???


Anonymous said...

Does that mean he is going to make her more dirtier than she already is in her behavior. For some people too much money means there are no rules.

T. W. said...

They look stupid.

Anonymous said...

So she is Nicole Richie's sister?

Anonymous said...

17 is apparently legal if you're a celebrity.

Off topic: Lindsay Lohan's stomach - what's going on with that? Pregnant, medical problem, or the worst drug/alcohol bloat ever? I can't make up my mind. No burrito inflicts the kind of bloat the most recent pics show. Maybe an all-you-can-eat buffet, but you'd have to really eat hard and long for that kind of belly to be the result. And if she were that gassy, no one would want to be stuck on a yacht with her. Thoughts?

Common Sense said...

Wow, Sofia all grown up... well sort of. I can't believe these two are together, but I guess she is a bit of a Selena look-a-like. Of course it doesn't hurt that her Dad is a mega star. If I were her Dad, er, Mom, I would not want her dating Bieber. Ce la vie.

Anonymous said...

She is Lionel Richie's biological child from another marriage.

Anonymous said...

I guess he's had her already! He was just naked with an older woman and she just showed up. I hope she doesn't get hurt, she's already being used.

Anonymous said...

Underage, drugs, alcohol, recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

There was an unconfirmed report of gunshots fired at JFK airport tonight. They evacuated Terminal 8, which I think is the American Airlines terminal, but authorities have given an all clear. I wonder if this relates to anything CD has said.

Anonymous said...

Lionel is probably horrified and knows this won't end well. He is really a sweet, decent person IRL.

Anonymous said...

Some youngsters do dress very oddly these days. Money does not always buy style. Justin looks like he is a zombie. Poor boy needs help.

Anonymous said...

Selena is not over Justin.