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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Troubles ahead ...

I know that she's "Strange" bird.
(I luv strange people)
But Cara Delevingne, 
needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.
As well as stop hanging around with people.
Who clearly don't have her best interests at heart.
Or she'll fall to the gutter, 
and not be able to get back up.


Anonymous said...

I thought she already was in the gutter with her attitude and modelling on a plate gigs. Lucky to even be called a model but nowadays everyone is. Good to have you back CD>

T. W. said...

I hope things work out for her. Christian, I hope you are well.

Errin Taylor said...

I love strange people as well! They inspire me..even though I should "come out" with being strange myself.

Anonymous said...

Drugs no good.

Anonymous said...

Her trucker cap phase seems to have passed. There's that.

Anonymous said...

I love her girlfriend's music, so I hope she's not one of the bad influences. Though, she can be a little emotionally messy (so I've heard) too.

Norah Black said...

I really hope she has folks around her to help her understand this. She seems like a decent person, just misguided.

Anonymous said...

Group hug for CD!

Anonymous said...

What's strange about her? Odd looking Boy George was strange but creative and many others had talent. I think being yourself makes you stand out not strange but different. This one really seems boring.