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Thursday, August 4, 2016

YEs you can, no you can't ...

If you ever get an invite to fly on his private jet.
By Justin "My Favorite Lesbian" Bieber.
Don't rush to pack your bags.
One of his last flings got the invite.
Turned up at the plane.
Then he told them.
"NO" you can't come.
Such a nice child...
Big falls ahead for this little shit.


Anonymous said...

one word for Justin, KARMA!!

Maureen said...

Good! He's an entitled little shit, and Karma can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Clint Eastwood wants us to vote Donald Trump? What's coming for Mr. Eastwood?

T. W. said...

If only he had proper parenting ...

Anonymous said...

Talk about giving ur hopes up. What's worse is Kendrick Lamar according to the blogs last year did this too but he left the girl stranded in a foreign country because he didn't like the way she looked. Girl had a one way ticket no matter how uninterested I was in a person I least make sure she had a ticket back. When I heard that story I felt like I just wanted to go to that country and save her myself put her on my plane. If I was rich. She probably be hurt, hurting bad. She could have got killed or raped. He had no regard for her safety. I wouldn't know what to tell the girl. Girls don't fall for that so easily...and if you still do have a back up plan

Anonymous said...

Harpo! Who did woman?

Anonymous said...

There's a lesson in there somewhere - being invited for a plane ride by a car crash, the omen's not good.

That ship's sailed, love. get on your bike and walk away, change tracks before you miss the bus.

Anonymous said...

They lose touch with reality and believe their own hype and in the end end up alone with the users and abusers.

They will regret it one day, when they burn through the cash and in the pile of has beens.