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#500 ........ with three months to go ....

Over the weekend.
The bad people of Chicago.
Worked overtime to achieve,
 the goal so far this year.
How proud, 
you that commit these crimes. 
Must be.
Wasting not only your victims lives, 
but your own too.
Because KARMA, she's a BITCH.
She'll get ya, one way or another.
#750 by New Years..........


Anonymous said…
That is so disgusting and yet the black community know they are being targeted to be wiped out. And they deny it and if you notice that is the area where Obama came from and a jew-ish mayor who is good friends with Obama and wants to be president too.

This is so sad as humans that we do this and think that there will never be caught. One day I pray all of this gets exposed, to stop the slaying.
Anonymous said…
Karma maybe for Hillary and her unexplained coughing fit. She wants to win badly, whereas Trump is I got this covered and I could beat you if I wanted to.
Anonymous said…
Hey CD thanks its crazy here in Chicago!
T. W. said…
The blood of the innocent cries out to God. You can get by but you cant get away.
Anonymous said…
71% of the Chicago murders are black on black crime so are the black community targeting themselves or did you just ignore the facts?
Anonymous said…
What?? Targeted ?? This is black on black crime period.
I'm black..apparently a black life has no value unless a white person takes it.. Stop with the excuses about Jews and blah blah blah.. Enough take responsibility ..stop with the stupid excuses.
Look at the West Indian day parade in NYC. Disgraceful. There is so much oppurtunity in this country. Don't make me get Jamaican..
Anonymous said…
I live in Chicago. There are a lot of good people here and it's a great city! But I do feel the families have to take a bigger role in raising these young adults. The police can't do it all. Lots of love and light to the victims families.
Anonymous said…
These killings only recently started. What else does the system plan?
Anonymous said…
I live in Chicago and the murder rate has been at or above 500 for as long as I can remember. The entire state is a mess, no $$, corrupt politicians. Very sad for such a beautiful city and state. I feel for people who live in the inner city and cannot escape the violence. Rahm has been a poor mayor. All talk...
Anonymous said…
If we had gun laws like LA and NY we wouldn't see all this mess. It would make a difference
Anonymous said…
1:07 You are so right.. The Democratic Party has failed that state miserably and many others.
Cannot rely on government.
Anonymous said…
Anon 12:15 yep the failure of the family is the cause of all of this.
No escuse about slavery the Jews blah blah blah
Until that issue is resolved this will not end.
I don't see Al charlatan marching for the 500th victim. Why? Doesn't fit the agenda..
Develyn Quinn said…

Anonymous said...
71% of the Chicago murders are black on black crime so are the black community targeting themselves or did you just ignore the facts?

September 6, 2016 at 10:52 PM


We all know there's black on black crime but for anyone to respond to Cds post with that statement is ignoring the FACT that CD mentioned that what these ppl are doing is ON PURPOSE, intentional ... EXECUTION or are we forgetting the facts that these are cops sworn to protect don't u ever justify a killing.. To justify cops killing them because black on black does it. GTFO here with that bullshit. People forget the fact that these people are in uniform and some non black turn a blind eye when a crime is committed but God forbid a cop dies or killed by a black person everyone's fu**in angry!!! The racists come out. You're not above us Sit the fuck down. Here comes the N-words and the ppl who feel threaten and cry boo hoo when black strong ppl speak their mind.Don't expect me to feel bad for a cop I never will I'll take that to grave. People who use statistics will never understand. What next? You'll justify the kkk killing black people too? That black ppl brought it on to themselves? So that justifies it? I think not. I'm black and I'm proud

Yes we can do more for our community but use that head of yours to calculate the percentage of murdered black people that were killed by the kkk since your so smart. If u wanna get technical calculate 400 plus years of slavery don't worry I'll wait. I'm pretty sure thats a high non stop percentage in itself what u waiting for do the percentage.
I shouldn't have to cry writing this but then again I'm just now waking up spiritually been restless since July 2016 #AltonSterling

Thankyou CD
Common Sense said…
These killings did not just start, they have been going on for decades in places like Chicago and Detroit.

Sung by Elvis Presley

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto (in the ghetto)

And his mama cries
'Cause if there's one thing that she don't need
It's another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghetto (in the ghetto)

People, don't you understand
The child needs a helping hand
Or he'll grow to be an angry young man some day?
Take a look at you and me
Are we too blind to see
Do we simply turn our heads, and look the other way?

Well, the world turns
And a hungry little boy with a runny nose
Plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghetto (in the ghetto)

And his hunger burns
So he starts to roam the streets at night
And he learns how to steal, and he learns how to fight
In the ghetto (in the ghetto)

Then one night in desperation
A young man breaks away
He buys a gun, steals a car
Tries to run, but he don't get far
And his mama cries

As a crowd gathers 'round an angry young man
Face down on the street with a gun in his hand
In the ghetto (in the ghetto)

And as her young man dies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
Another little baby child is born
In the ghetto (in the ghetto)

And his mama cries (in the ghetto)
(In the ghetto)
Anonymous said…
Lots of discussion about the theme of racism/police brutality from various perspectives.

All of you might be interested and bemused about what happened in the UK yesterday. There are some activists who have been trying to get a Black Lives Matter movement going here, despite the fact that police shootings of anyone of any colour, rarely happen at all, with a high profile case debated every few years. They're having a bit of trouble convincing people they have a cause this side of the pond.

So yesterday they decided to take action in a way that would get them lots of publicity, too self absorbed to realise that it would have the effect of turning even sympathisers off them for good.

In the spirit of Monty Python, and the comedy boat fight on the Thames before the Brexit vote, Black Lives Matter UK besieged the runway of London City Airport, shutting down all flights, and got their message across in all the media. The message being ... erm... "Climate Change is Racist". For extra comedy points I can tell you most of the protesters were wealthy and white and in such a bubble they just didn't understand how it made them or the movement look.

Luckily we don't have 500 murders a year, but we can offer you Reality Satire to ease the angst a little.

Anonymous said…

Look a'here, some people say we got a lot of malice
Some say it's a lotta nerve
I say we won't quit moving
Til we get what we deserve
We've been buked and we've been scourned
We've been treated bad, talked about
As just as sure as you're born
But just as sure as it take
Two eyes to make a pair, huh
Brother, we can't quit until we get our share

Say it loud,
I'm black and I'm proud
Say it loud,
I'm black and I'm proud, one more time
Say it loud,
I'm black and I'm proud, huh

I've worked on jobs with my feet and my hands
But all the work I did was for the other man
And now we demands a chance
To do things for ourselves
we tired of beating our heads against the wall
And working for someone else

Ooowee, ou're killing me
Alright uh, you're out of sight
Alright, so tough, you're tough enough
Ooowee uh, you're killing me, oow

Now we demand a chance to do things for ourselves
We tired of beating our heads against the wall
And working for someone else
A look a'here,
One thing more I got to say right here
Now, we're people like the birds and the bees
We rather die on our feet,
Than keep living on our knees

Say it louder,
I'm black and I'm proud
Say it louder,
I'm black and I'm proud, let me hear ha', huh
Say it loud,
I'm black and I'm proud, huh
Say it louder,
I'm black and I'm proud
Say it louder,
I'm black and I'm proud

(James Brown)
Anonymous said…
CD is right, something is off here in Chicago! Pray for peace!
Anonymous said…
Rahm Emanuel is good in some ways as mayor, but has no common sense in other ways. He wanted to provide a grocery store in a poor black area where there was no close big grocery. What did he see to it was put there? A Whole Foods! For those of you not in the US, Whole Foods is a trendy, upscale organic, natural grocery store, called "Whole Paycheck" for their high prices.

I would like to know how that went. If it was shoplifted till the shelves were bare, I would understand why. Who in the neighborhood can afford that stuff?

He wanted to be the first Jewish Speaker of the House, but haven't heard he had ambitions to be President. Unless someone can provide a link to a legitimate non-conservative, non anti-Semitic news site, or a link to a video interview with him, I am not taking the
President bit as real.
Anonymous said…
What's the point here? If a white person posted I'm white and I'm proud it would be a horror story.
Rather die on your feet I don't think James Brown was talking about black on black crime.
Anonymous said…
Praying won't help. They have to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it.
Anonymous said…
He couldn't care less .. whole foods where one chicken is 12 bucks and up.another epic fail
I'm no republican but all these failures have one thing in common.. All run by democrats for years. They are taking votes for granted..
Anonymous said…
Trying to grow the movement$$$$
Climate change is racist haaaaaaa
T. W. said…
What idiot puts Whole Foods in a poor neighborhood?
Anonymous said…
I've heard of Whole Foods, that is a jaw dropping story. Clueless. It reminds me of Marie Antoinette. 'Let them eat kombucha'.
Anonymous said…
The James Brown "I'm Black and I'm Proud" song lyrics are a good tonic after the sappy fake pity song "In the Ghetto". Since its sung by Elvis, it should have been changed to "In the Walmart", and be about a baby born to a white Wal-Martian.

Elvis didn't earn the right to use the black experience to sell records. He was probably drugged out of his gourd when he thought this was a good idea. Ranks right up there with his Special Agent status in the war against drugs.
Anonymous said…
The Whole Foods thing was in a series of episodes done about him on TV. He literally had no clue that it was ridiculous.
Anonymous said…
Well my sister works for Rahm Emanuel and yes he's done some good, but he really messed up by standing by a cop that blatantly killed a black person in cold blood. He instead should have had that cop fired to send a message that he was taking it seriously and that he was willing to do what was right. He buckled because he was afraid the police unions would turn on him and I if they did that would make them look foolish. Even a union won't protect you if you kill someone in cold blood and so what if they do fight you when you are in the right. It was a big mistake and it backfired.

I have a feeling many are not happy with him and he probably will not be mayor next time around, but he sealed his fate with that one decision. All he had to do was have some balls and do the right thing. People respect that.
Common Sense said…
I don't buy it that Elvis was a racist. There is far too much information out there that would suggest otherwise. His drug addiction had no bearing on his music. He was the coolest white guy ever! The King! However, he might have had racist tendencies towards those individuals who go "Jamaican." :-)

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