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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back in the closet

Out of touch Actress and wannabe typhoon.
Gwyneth Paltrow.
Has with he company "Goop"
(I thought Goop was a glue?).
Is launching a fashion line.
So I expect by Xmas you'll be finding the line in.
Dollar Stores across America.


Anonymous said...

I have never liked Gweneth' s energy vibration. There is just something about her that is not right!

T. W. said...

She is out of touch. Are the clothes organic too? Ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

Typhoon is right! She seems like a nice enough rich chick who's clearly nuts. Go to the Goop website and read her descriptions of her "line".

Maria said...

Across the aisles from Kanye's fashion travesty I hope. Barf.

My God how does that guy force people to keep taking him seriously? He should have been laughed out of the fashion world after showing any of his sketches or ideas. People are such cowards around celebs.

Frugal and Fabulous said...

haha I love when CD's posts confirm how I have always felt and read celeb's energies...I hope her kids aren't too affected by her and grow up to be more in touch with the world!

Anonymous said...

Her career has panned like Blake's.

Anonymous said...

If her website is called GOOP then I think her fashion line should be called BLOB.

Anonymous said...

She really has ugly tile in her living room. It's either tile or kitchen towels, I can't tell.


Anonymous said...

Bare feet on the kitchen counter ewww. She looks kind of weird here and make does not help either.

Anonymous said...

So, having built a reputation for eating 'clean', pure, organic, toxin-free... She puts her feet on the worktop. I'm not going round hers for tea.

Norah Black said...

She's just a spoiled, entitled brat. Now she's past her prime and Hollywood has no place for her and her tantrums. She's probably one of those people that is hard to work with. When you get that reputation, you don't get to work.

Common Sense said...

Say what 6:56 AM? Are you talking about THE Blake, as in Shelton?

No, No, he is a hunk of burning love and is one of country music's biggest stars!

Can't wait for next Monday to watch him on the Voice!

Paltrow: By the way, that ain't tile, that is an area rug! It's not pretty, but you can be rest assured it's organic and cost a fortune!

Anonymous said...

Yup, area rug of pieced together sections that look like they were done on a fairly small loom.

Anonymous said...

even in this photo she has the right pose and and the body language to make a photo but there is just something really off about this woman. she reminds me of britney spears when you look into her eyes you know something is still off.

Common Sense said...

Oh please! There is nothing off about this woman. I am quite confident if you met her in person you would probably like her and see another side to her. Brittany Spears, however, is a whole 'nother matter!

Anonymous said...

Oh please... i am entitled to my own perception and comments here common sense..