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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Foe now, ha ha....

Ha Ha ..............
Well Khole Kardashian,
 has it appears a "New Boyfriend".
NBA Star Tristen Thompson.
Well, for now at least.
Won't see New Years Eve.


T. W. said...

Why are they going through the NBA?

Anonymous said...

Where does she find these fools? lol Dang!

Christian Dion said...

Only NBA members stupid enough to die these TARTS

Anonymous said...

Aren't those relationships arrangements for publicity. Nobody wants them. Lamar needs to divorce her quick.

Frugal and Fabulous said...

ugh don't bring the kardashians to cleveland...hope he wisens up before the season! we have a championship title to defend! lol

Anonymous said...

So it's a contract and how much does PMK pay the photographers and all the rags to keep her stable in the news?

T. W. said...

Wow. You can pay for school but you cant buy class.

Anonymous said...

Why is Lena Dunham angry black men don't want her? She is fugly inside out and needs to change in order for anyone to like her personality let alone looks. She is a lot like Amy Schumer what is so talented about either of them>

Anonymous said...

Well it used to be executives then when they realized Kim could get footballer they upped their game and to rappers too. It's all about the money for the K's

Common Sense said...

Ugh, isn't she still married to Odom? Didn't she cut her hair off short recently? Now it is long again?

Lena Dunham: I just don't see any guy being attracted to her, black or white. Men are attracted to a woman's essence, which is her softness and beauty. She is way too masculine. I see Amy deep down is a pussycat, but she has been so deeply hurt and puts on a tough act to protect herself. My two cents.

Anonymous said...

UGH, please don't let the Kartrashians jinx us, we just got our first championship, we have a very good chance at repeating, we are BELIEVELAND, don't let her turn us into NEVERLAND, LeBron help, set your boy straight, tell her to hitch her trunk to some other unsuspecting fool, time to take out the trash

Anonymous said...

oh brother... but think about it.. he is only 25.. what could him and khloe possibly communicate about together? XBox maybe ?

Maria said...

CD, hilarious!

I was just going to write the same thing. lol I was going to say only a crazy person would want to be involved in that family. To live inside a media whoring family with no ounce of privacy or dignity?

No thanks!