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Monday, September 19, 2016

He'll be a SMASH ......

Tonight's Emmy Awards.
Are to be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.
He's going to be  a great hit.
The show however not so much.
Oh well........


T. W. said...

Can't pick up that station. That's okay. Good luck Jimmy.

Common Sense said...

He`s a good guy and a great host. I think the Emmy and Oscar shows are starting to bore people, however.

Anonymous said...

"He'll be a SMASH"

Is he going to do the Mashed Potato?

*Not sure how many people will understand this, CD definitely will*

T. W. said...

Good luck Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

It's about time. He's very funny!

Anonymous said...

Why are these award shows considered to be relevant? Oh I forgot... Some ppl have no life

T. W. said...

LOL. People believe the hype of these trade shows. Some people just want to see the fashion.