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Friday, September 9, 2016


So Sofia Richie.........
Is telling all that will listen.
That she " Is in a "Special" relationship.
With My Favorite Lesbian Justin Bieber.
I do home her Dad sees this.
So he can get her professional help.
Either that or send her to finishing School in Zurich.


Anonymous said...

When we are young we believe all sorts of things...
T.W - Where are you?

Anonymous said...

What does Justin do to these women that are under his spell. Hailey and Selena can't seem to move on from him.

Anonymous said...


What's going with Bethenny Frankel? I'm watching this RHONY reunion and I've never seen someone from reality television act so hateful and spiteful.

The nerve of her to make fun of someone's eating disorder when her body mass index is questionable at best is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Do finishing schools still exist? What do they teach nowadays? How to bag a Saudi oil sheikh at a yacht party?

T. W. said...

Good one.

T. W. said...

Took a nap.

Common Sense said...

Ha Ha! CD is joking (well, sort of) about the finishing school. A finishing school is a private school where a young woman goes to learn proper manners and behavior to live in the real world. Yes, they still exist today.

Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber seems to be a bad influence on the women that he dated Ex: Selena Gomez's paternal grandfather had told Justin to stay away from her because everytime she was stable and things were good, her life came crashing down again everytime he returned). Anyone who is an older millennial remember how wild Nicole Richie was with drugs and partying. She only straightened up when Joel said that he wasn't going to put up with her craziness. Sofia does not need to go her sister's bad route. Hopefully Lionel will stop being blindsided and guide Sofia down the right path.

Cynthia Ritchey said...

poor girl……. Justin will spit her out soon enough…… Hope Nicole - older sis steps in as well. This girl has a crazy mom- who probably enjoys her daughter in the rag pages…..