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Jumping Ship...

Hit UK TV show.
The Great British Bake Off. 
Created by the BBC.
Is moving to channel $(4).
With out it's hosts.
Although Chef Paul Hollywood,
 is still pondering his options.
Well, before you sign, Paul.


Maria said…
omg really?? Is this the death knell of the GBBO show? Nooooo.
It's bigger than ever! How?why did they screw it up?
T. W. said…
My local PBS airs this show and it is good. Sorry to hear the new show will tank.
Anonymous said…
We will miss Mary Berry
Anonymous said…
It's very sad, though it's nice to see some of the presenters going with integrity despite £-millions waved at them. Which then makes Paul Hollywood look like a bit of a media tart. It's a spectacular fail strategically, they've basically bought a multimillion pound tent.
Anonymous said…
He is rather lovely - Paul Hollywood..yum
Anonymous said…
Is Channel 4 considered a less prestigious network? Sorry, I'm American so I wouldn't know the perception of these channels.

Is it like Project Runway going from Bravo to switching to Lifetime?
Anonymous said…
In reply to 10:14PM. You've got it in one!

In Britain we all have to pay a TV and Radio licence by law of roughly £12($16) per month to the BBC(BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION). If you don't have one but still get caught using a TV you get fined or jailed. The best thing about the BBC is that it doesn't have adverts(commercials) where as all the other channels do. Because of the revenue the other channels get from the adverts its mean that they can afford to poach a lot of TV shows with a higher bid. This is what channel 4 has done with a bid of £75 million, about 97 million dollar's roughly). So when it flops its going to really hurt.
Anonymous said…

Channel 4 is a good terrestrial channel which has made excellent and sometimes landmark TV over the years. That said, GBBO's tone and character is very BBCish and fitted its brand and audience perfectly. Channel four is supposed to be about innovation, not buying in other channels' flagship programmes. BBC1 is the main mainstream TV channel. C4 tends to be more niche but still very high profile, and commercial.

I think there's anger about the manner in which the deal has been done, plus talk of bad relations between the independent company that makes GBBO and the BBC behind the scenes. Apparently Mary Berry was working with the production company all day the news broke and they never mentioned the takeover deal to her, she only found out with everyone else when it broke in the media. That's pretty shabby and is not behaviour that inspires loyalty.

There's also tension as the current head of Channel 4 had to leave the BBC a couple of years ago due to a huge row over ageism towards presenters that even went to an employment tribunal. I've seen media gossip that this ousted chief still has enormous bitterness over the whole BBC ageism affair so has not steered this GBBO bid with entirely rational filters, and perhaps even a streak of spite. To buy this programme without even trying to secure the stars that give it its winning mix is careless. The attitude of the production company was that they invented the format and it doesn't matter who presents it. With thinking like that it deserves to crash and burn, just treating people like crap and thinking everything is about money.

The BBC has a unique character and position in the national psyche (like the NHS does) and this deal as the saying goes "just isn't cricket".

I might as well throw in the news for any Brits who don't realise, but the Rio Olympics is the last time the BBC will host it, or even have proper live coverage on free-to-air TV. The games have gone to a pay cable/satellite channel, which is a huge blow as they're like a national soap opera for the duration. Another damn shame.

Hope that helps!
T. W. said…
The BBC has great programming.
Maria said…
Thanks for explaining that Anon 1:49. I really love the BBC institution. Not sure just how much money the GBBO producers were after? They can makes tons off licensing I imagine. Now especially that it's airing here and often plays several days a week on my local PBS channels. I enjoy Paul too 4:28. He can stare down with the best of them. Very intimidating those eyes. :D
Anonymous said…
Oh well. It is only a Television programme. Nice cakes are sometimes baked. The two younger lady presenters I have not enjoyed watching. So I have only watched the programme two times. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are very good on the programme. The TV license is a rip-off. It should be abolished.
Anonymous said…
10:14/3:25, Are you the same person who wrote the William Pitt/Hague comment on the thread the other day? If you are, or if you aren't, you, or the both of you--lol, should put a handle at the end, so we know who is writing these beautiful pieces of exposition.


Anonymous said…
@3:13 AM

Hello, yes it is the same person, and thank you so much for your kind words! I used to have an internet handle that travelled with me round the internet, now I'm quite enjoying the anonymous look.

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