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Monday, September 12, 2016

Kings Clothes ?? or middle ages Stars Wars.

Oh Dear, well known, 
so called "Fashion Designer/Icon".
Rapper and complete MORON.
Kanye " I am GOD" West.
Is little upset, by the way his latest collection.
Has been received.
Why would he be upset.
He designed a pile of shit.
That even Ross "crossdress for less".
Would have trouble discounting.
Low enough for idiots to buy.
Why, they would end up.
Giving the crap to customers.
Even then, there's be more on the racks than not.
Well, the good news is, he's just going to get worse.
He He. 


T. W. said...

Can't wait for the insanity that is Kanye!

Letty said...

His designs are hideous and I would rather wear bedsheets wrapped around me! They would probably look much better than his designs!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Is the Trashkan Klan funding this eejit? Talk about the blind leading the stupid.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that Kanye's fashion sketches look much like those of a 2-year old first learning to use crayons. (Except the 2-year old uses color.)

T. W. said...

Kanye is trolling us or he is deranged.

Norah Black said...

Wow....dude needs to give it up. I'm just sayin'. Maybe stick to rapping?

Anonymous said...

What Kanye and his sleazy klan promote on a daily basis is quite troubling. Any one with a young child/children should be worried as their influence are rubbing and we may have a doomed generation on our hands if they are allowed to continue. Pray it stops now #Enough

Cynthia Ritchey said...

I just can't help but not liking him or his wife and her family…… Wish they would just not be so popular and making headlines…. He has a mental disorder and is a loon. I do not read anything dealing with that family but if you post it CD, I will read it. Have a wonderful Monday my friend!!

Anonymous said...

this is beyond words...maybe just somee letters will do?
WTF?? LMFAO?? i think even KKW can't pull this off..but then again, she is used to pulling off her clothes..

Anonymous said...

Ah, Kanye never fails to entertain. Just not in the way he thinks he does.

There's an architect called Eugene Tsui who creates buildings based on the technical properties of the natural world, like armoured sea creatures. He also designs his own clothes, with apparent fantasies of being in Star Trek. Kanye's look there reminds me of Tsui in a way (minus several thousand electric blue sequins), but one is a pompous rampaging egotwit and the other is a visionary genius who can wear whatever he likes to express his out-of-box thinking and free spirit.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL! It does remind me of something out of the older Star Wars movies. He will definitely need a hell of a lot of "The FORCE" (and even that may not be enough) to produce something remotely decent in his line. I mean that is some (F)ugly looking clothing he's wearing! lolol And, to think he is proud of that shiz. lol

Frugal and Fabulous said...

my thoughts exactly...how do they keep letting him do fashion shows?

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the Jon Benet Ramsey brother interview any thoughts or insights???

Common Sense said...

Too funny, the clothes definitely look like something out of the Star Wars movies. Kanye has a god complex, thinks he is all that and his wife, Kim Kardashian, is the one stroking his huge ego. Gross. What's next? Kanye running in politics? Now that would be crazy as it gets!

He is broke and trying to make gazillions to feed his large ego and large lifestyle. Good thing his wife has money, she can pay the bills, at least until they get divorced, which is inevitable.

The best thing he has done thus far is create two beautiful children.

Sorry, not a fan of this "moron."