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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Really !!!

Oh I do hope the aged Peter Pan of Pop.
UK's answer to Elvis ha ha.
Cliff Richards.
Doesn't think that his life is about to get better.
Or that the naughty behavior will disappear.
It won't........


Anonymous said...

"It's so funny, how noone talks about him anymore..." Until now.

Rik The People's Poet would be so disappointed.

T. W. said...

Will Olivia Newton John sail every ocean with Peter Pan?

Anonymous said...

so disappointing that Cliff went down this road and tarnished his image. I always thought that something was not right, as he has not had many girlfriends. Sue Barker could have been his last one and that was any years ago.

Anonymous said...

hmm. In this case, I think you are much too kind.... He is getting what is long overdue.....There is NO PARDON if you are comitting a crime against a child!( No matter how rich and famous you are, or have been....)Justice will previ
le! And so it is.:-)

Anonymous said...

But he said the fact he was identified, despite not being charged, meant he had been “hung out like live bai

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I followed a link to a site called 'Cliff Richard - dying inside' which was just a lot of pictures from his calendars where he poses in various manly scenarios for his loyal granny flock. In every photo, his eyes were dead, soulless, empty pits of darkness that totally belied the image he was trying to convey. It was disturbing, the truth of his character there for anyone who wished to notice.

The Establishment has worked hard in trying to hide and silence this whole issue but I really believe it's not working. So many people see through it all now, that is at least encouraging. And I have some hope that Professor Jay will salvage some justice with that deliberately ill-conceived mega-inquiry. She did a solid job of nailing the issue of grooming gangs in Rotherham. Even when it looks like the world is the same old, step by step the light is winning.

Anonymous said...

I read a book about him, where he knocked up his girlfriend and she had an abortion, which is sad. I found it odd how his mother controlled his life so much she wouldn't allow him to ever marry or have a girl friend. Odd to say the least. So is he a pedo? Is he gay or straight...or just into children? It's sick, but I don't get the dude. Yes I remember when they'd say he was the U.K.'s Elvis and actually liked his album "I'm no hero" from 1980, but he didn't do much more after that. What is up with him?

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's been embalmed, has a face like a corpse in a casket.

T. W. said...

That site is still up.

Common Sense said...

An incredible talent. What a tragedy that he had such a dark secret, molesting young children. Listening to his music will never be the same...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5.16: For many years there were rumours that the UK establishment i.e. politicians, judges, upper tier police, royals, aristocrats, celebrities, operated an untouchable network of rape and abuse, which used children's homes all over the country as stock to use abuse and throw away vulnerable children, and even kill them - taken out for trips on the Prime Minister's yacht and not coming back, for instance.

When children's TV presenter and DJ Jimmy Savile died, finally the truth started coming out about him and then other individuals. the only truths allowed though are about people who are now conveniently dead, or who can't go to trial because they suddenly get alzheimers, with a few less powerful elderly celebrities going to prison as token offerings, while the big power players remain protected. But the truth still keeps dribbling out and people just see cover up and whitewash even when they're fixed up as innocent.

In Belgium there was a horrific related case that threatened to crack open the whole network which is vast and goes beyond national borders, the members of which have total power. Even Theresa May, not a woman for much hyperbole, said that people would find the truth about the extent of child abuse far worse than they could believe possible. It was she who set up the mega-inquiry which has so far been a farce, so unwieldy it would take decades to trawl through and prosecute everyone and can't even get started.

One of the pieces of evidence years ago was a photographed list of names written by the woman who ran one of the guest houses where victims were taken. It was a list of 'customers'. She was one of those whistleblower types who have a sudden death just at the point they speak out. But this photographed list has passed around the internet now, and one of the names is a certain dead-eyed singer.

[I don't know how much I'm legally allowed to say, I don't want to get CD into trouble so he can edit this message if it's too much info.]

T. W. said...

These pedo rings sicken me. There must be something we can do to help the children.

Anonymous said...

TY Anon 10:56PM. I see how that could be the case. If Cliff Richard really wanted to go out as a "good guy" he could tell who all is involved and be the sacrificial lamb. I don't see it happening that way though. It reminds me of the horse crap with the investigation of the JFK assassination, and how they've clouded it all up with a disinformation campaign to protect, Bush, Dulles, et al. Disgusting is what it is. I dream of the day the entire truth comes out. I hope it will happen in my lifetime....but I may be disappointed.