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TOLD YA, Close this time.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let's pray not......

Now that Putin's ego has grown with the 
"Success" of the winter Olympics.
(Great personal danger in 2016/7)
He pondering sending the troops into the Ukraine.
To sort them out.
If he does, he'll see another Russian revolution.
History tells us that this won't end well.


T. W. said…
Don't people know you can't kill rasPutin?
Louis said…
Funny I was thinking what a disaster Putin has become for Russia. Unlike Boris "the vodka's on the dashboard" Yeltsin who left Russia behind poorer but still in control of its own destiny, Putin has effectively left Russia a well armed vassal state of China. It is something future Russian leaders will struggle to free Russia from (via accessing new markets globally) so I'm not surprised Russian's are becoming alarmed.

But he's swapped perceived US domination for actual Chinese domination.

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