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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

TOLD YA, Dad must have heard ...

Friday, September 9, 2016


So Sofia Richie.........
Is telling all that will listen.
That she " Is in a "Special" relationship.
With My Favorite Lesbian Justin Bieber.
I do home her Dad sees this.
So he can get her professional help.
Either that or send her to finishing School in Zurich.


Anonymous said...

She is lucky she hit away from him!

CD, what is happening to Selena Gomez? She seems to be addicted to drugs and trying to cover it up by blaming Lupus. Can you comment?

T. W. said...

At least someone cared enough to tell her the truth. Glad she listened.

Anonymous said...

Sophia is a bigger addict than sis Nicole.

Anonymous said...

why should we care?

Maria said...

I agree T.W. She's very lucky. I hope she survives the Biebs. He seems to keep girls on stand by and keeps breaking their hearts. Why would anyone sleep with a guy who sleeps with a different girl every week? Kids today!

Anonymous said...

Wonder how long it will take before the cops come calling on his door step for his side of the story.