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Friday, September 16, 2016


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Awaiting his 3rd wish to come true ..

So while Nick Gordon,
 fakes tears & grief /etc.
For his heartbreak.
He's waiting for his 3rd wish to come true.
Wish One: Date/Marry Bobbi Kistina . DONE
Wish Two: She Dies..............................DONE
Wish Three: Receive the check ...............

I hope he likes Orange .


T. W. said...

Dummy didn't hire a lawyer and skipped out on court. If only all the guilty were this dumb, more of them would be incarcerated.

auntliddy said...

As Joe Kenda wld say, "My, my, my."

Frugal and Fabulous said...


Anonymous said...

This was a civil case, though, so the punishment is financial, not being locked up. Unless he goes crazier than he was on Dr Phil, and says he killed her, he won't do time.

Anonymous said...

The judge found him "legally responsible", which is simply a technicality, because he failed to show up in court to answer the charges. That's the civil case only. The actual criminal investigation is still ongoing and hasn't gone to trial.

rchjava-ed said...

Aunt Liddy �� LOL, and Joe Kenda would say exactly that! --- Hi CD, I hope you feel better. Be well!

Anonymous said...

This is all very sad. Whitney Houston's death and her daughter's. Then this individual's appalling behavior. It is about the money. We see it all so often when wealthy celebs die and then their nearest and dearest are out to get what they can, even if it means mistreating others. I look at Michael Jackson's family, who appear to have behaved like that even during his life let alone after his death. Muhammad Ali's family is another.

Anonymous said...

Bye niqquah

Anonymous said...

HAAAAA love Joe Kenda

Anonymous said...

Good info, and good insights from all!

Hope you find the key that locks those migraines away forever, CD.

Anonymous said...

this is a mess.. still cant believe mom, then daughter, to this.

Common Sense said...

This whole story is such a tragedy. This scenario reeks of O.J. I hope he gets "orange" and he can cry all the crocodile tears he wants while sitting in jail. Justice for the family, and hopefully soon.