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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

You ask, I answer ...

Many have asked over the years.
I have always said the same.
"GUILTY" Brother did it.


chris said...

Wow. will he be found guilty? Or get away with it?

Anonymous said...

Omg thanks for the update. Hope Karma gets him

T. W. said...

I knew it! I think Patsy tried to cover it up. Dude kept laughing and giving strange answers on the Doctor Phil-bad show. Thank you Christian!

The Original Sarah said...

But WHY did he kill her? I always thought it was Patsy who did it in a jealous rage.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense and what a tragedy! When I read that he had issues with spreading feces on the house walls and in his sister's room along with putting feces in her chocolates...that always signals psychological trouble. And, the entire over the top "staging" of that horrific murder was what really convinced me that it was a family member. I never really bought that it was the parents. They were protecting the brother. And, his reaction to the picture of the pineapple. Wow....just wow! And, then not drawing his sister into the family portrait is extremely telling to any psychological professional. He came across in the interview with Dr. Phil as extremely emotionally detached and just kind of indifferent to the entire ordeal. And, I know Dr. Phil is trying to attach his grinning to "anxiety"...but Dr. Phil doesn't have a medical license to diagnose what it truly means. I've never really seen anything quite like it except with someone with some underlying serious psychological issue. You called it CD!

Ashli said...

I read this blog that also commented on Jon Benet before. Here is the post:

Is Jon Benet known as Katy Perry now? The resemblances are uncanny.

Anonymous said...

He keeps smiling like he got a way with it. But his time is up!

Common Sense said...

Oh! Thank you for confirming CD! After watching a recent CBS televised 2-Part special on the murder of JonBenet and listening to all the experts on the show, they came to the conclusion that it was the brother. They showed clips of the nine-year old brother being interviewed and even that was so odd. Now it all makes sense.

He was also on Dr. Phil recently and he was so weird in his mannerisms and behavior. Now we all know WHY.

Unbelievable. No wonder the Bolder cops were so adamant that it was someone in the house that killed the girl.

Thank you for telling it like it is, Christian.

Anonymous said...

I knew it when I saw the Dr Phil interview. He is very creepy and smiled through out the interview.
There is something mentally wrong with him.

CyndiTx123 said...

That's exactly what the show said…everything points towards him!! Sad that the parents didn't do something about his anger issues a year earlier when he hit his little sis and gave her a scar on her face…..and then murders her over pineapple….. Just looking at his pic gives me the creeps!!!

Anonymous said...

Umm but what about the DNA that doesn't match the family? How could a nine year old do was a sex crime? I don't know C.D. I don't think so. Yeah he was smiling, but I smile when I'm nervous too.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely it was Burke. It wasn't murder though, he was only 9, I'm sure he accidentally thumped her on the head during a fight and she died. The parents covered it up of course, which is why she wasn't dumped dead in the bush. No one sits around and writes a note that takes 20 minutes. I can understand why the parents covered it up and Burke may not have been aware he killed her. They probably sent him out of the room while they planned how cover it up. Someone commented is he going to be charged, no, he was only a kid and I'm sure it wasn't pre-meditated murder and he was only 9. The program made a whole lot of sense though and I am convinced this is what happened to poor JonBenet RIP

Nyasha Borde said...

I'm not convinced he did it either. He obviously has some social akwardness and may have other issues but I don't think that makes him a murderer. The smiling was unnerving but I can act oddly when I'm nervous too.

Anonymous said...

Jamie dornan&amelia warner and chris Evans &jenny Slate please ����

Anonymous said...

so did the brother sexually abuse her at age 9 too

Anonymous said...

i wonder where this guy ends up in five years. i also wonder where bobbi kristinas killer ends up in five years. both were on dr phil

Maria said...

I had forgotten about all the weirdness in their stories until the brother popped up in the news. I forgot about the fake kidnapping letter (soo obviously fake) and heard for the first time the police theory re the brother and possible fight over pineapples with Jon Benet that night, plus the 911 operator hearing a suspicious exchange after the Ramseys thought they had disconnected the phone. It is all so messy and ugly and sad.

nico123 said...

Omg! CD did he do the syndicated show for his own ego boost? The whole matter is extremely disturbing. May Jon Benet rest in peace, as it seems justice will not be served here on earth.

Common Sense said...

Burke didn't set out to kill his little sister. He was annoyed with her or jealous, for whatever reasons, and thumped her tiny little 6-year old head with the flashlight (or whatever) and she accidentally died.

I am not going to judge his parents; I can't imagine what it would be like to be in that horrible situation. They wanted to protect Burke, but of course it is easier for us to say they should have not covered up her accidental death by creating a false story.

And Burke, for 20 years now, and for the rest of his life he will always be reminded of that fateful day and it will haunt him until the day he dies. Worse than jail perhaps, he will never be free.

Anonymous said...

If there is something mentally wrong with him, this won't be the only incident.

Gail Banks said...

I always thought Patsy killed her daughter in a fit of rage over the bed-wetting...up until she passed away from breast cancer. I think if she killed Jon Benet, she would have made a deathbed confession...."I killed her, I loved her, I didn't mean for it to happen, I'm sorry." Or maybe that someone like a priest would have come forward and said she confessed.

When that didn't happen, I started to think it was either the father or the brother. Then when he remarried, wrote that book and went on that interview tour promoting it, I started thinking that if was the killer, why draw more attention to himself.

Now I think the brother theory makes sense. I never believed it was a stranger.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the family would have turned Burke in, Burke could have undergone therapy and possibly be better mentally adjusted by the time he grew up. He has to have psychological problems because of this.

I understand the family wanting to protect him, but I believe it was the wrong choice. He was only 9 at the time and he would not have spent time in jail.


The Original Sarah said...

Yes, why the TV interview, CD?

Anonymous said...

burke will inherit his fathers millions when he passes and burke will live a life of luxury probably some where remote or tropical.

dont know if he works or got an education but who would hire him with all this tv hoopla out there now.

Christian Dion said...

Insane is insane CD

Anonymous said...

Thank you CD!

To 3:14 am, John's fortune is gone. No millions for Burke. And John has another son, John Andrew, and a daughter, Melinda, too.

Anonymous said...

CD, will the brother ever be caught?? Will the truth ever come out??

Anonymous said...

Yah, can't you all see that the creep Burke is totally insane???? What is wrong with the public when it constantly makes excuses for criminal insanity? Get with it, folks! Start recognizing the signs and naming them. Maybe then we can have some social justice. Social justice is not just for certain groups. It is for EVERYONE -- and that includes women and children.

Norah Black said...

Maybe the truth will surface when John dies and his two older kids, from his first marriage tell it.

Anonymous said...

Hey CD will he do this again or commit another crime?

Common Sense said...

I don't think John has ever breathed a word about what really happened to JonBenet to his new wife, and certainly not their children, so they probably don't know anything, but you never know, Norah. It truly is a deep, dark secret.