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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Awkward ......

Only in Hollywierd....
Oscar Winner Sean Penn 56.
Is it appears is dating, Aussie Leila George, 
the daughter of Actors,
 Greta Scacchi & Vincent D'Onofrno 57.
I can just imagine the conversation,
 at Sunday dinner.
Well, at least they won't have a bad,
 "Thanksgiving Dinner", 
as it won't last that long.


Anonymous said...

CD, Donald Trump is getting fried again over a
Vulgar tape conversation! You were so right about October!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like she's with her grandfather. And then there's the kissing picture, ugh.

T. W. said...

What is this girl thinking? Who wants Madonna's cast offs?

Maria said...

Yeah this is super creepy and I'm glad it's going to end. She's just a younger version of Robin. What a creep. I like Sean but I can't condone him dating a "daughter" girl.

And Christian, WHOA. Can't help thinking of you tonight as I gorge on the news. James Carville predicts DT will drop out. My mouth dropped open and cheered. I immediately thought: CD!!

So if we're talking about creeps and being completely inappropriate, guess who wins. God, I want him out.

Anonymous said...

You know they rent these chicks. Get ppl in w the score. She'll get a boobie prize, $$ funding a a nondisclosure agreement. Older women know better and demand more cause quality costs. Oh yeah, she'll go to the gyno free of charge.

Anonymous said...

Old fame whore meet young fame whore.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. There must be something about Sean Penn that is uber appealing to women. He also must be good in the sack. Just saying.