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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Frick & Frack...

This terrible NC RNC bombing is disgusting.
But for Trump & Pence.
To blame the other side, is CRAZY.
In time they will see that the culprit,
 is much closer to home.


Anonymous said...

That was obviously to deflect the attention and divert the media.

T. W. said...

I agree. We are a Republican state.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was it wasn't a Dem or Independent, but a way to fan the flames in the state.

Technically TW NC is not a Republican state by the numbers. It is the gerrymandering in the state which was declared unconstitutional by the Federal courts which has recently kept Republicans in office when there are more Democrats (2,694,956) registered in the state, and nearly as many Independents (2,019,474) as there are Republicans (2,050,622).


Interestingly enough, the gerrymandering was bad enough to have Bill Moyers of PBS do a special on it, and it aired in most states, but not here in NC. The Federal Courts agreed with Mr. Moyer's assessment of the racially biased redistricting, and has ordered the state to redistrict appropriately. As of the time of the primaries, we were informed that the issues still had not been resolved to make things in the state fair again, but they hoped to have resolution before the general election.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic, but after watching that video, 'Orangencgop.org' is the noise I kept making last time I had a really bad cold.

Anonymous said...

CD, I am really shocked Donald Trump has not been shot by now! He has insulted so many people in this country!

T. W. said...

Thank you. It seems like the Republicans stay winning here.

Maria said...

It's just a constant tsunami of stupid from that group. I am so sick of being held hostage to the constant brainless rants and wild hatred. You literally cannot run away from it. It's too too much for a sane person!

Anonymous said...

Ohio has done the same thing. Voters passed a law to stop it, but it has a ridiculously long lead-in time before anything is really done about it, like seven years or so. Our Republican overlords are with us still for years to come.

Same thing with the passage of medical marijuana, a lead-in time of years. That much more torture for people who are sick and need it.

Anonymous said...

12:46, maybe CDs prediction meant Donald would shoot himself in the foot (by what he says) and his campaign is dead.