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Monday, October 3, 2016


Some of you have been wondering where,
 Paris Hilton has been hiding.
Well, She's been singing for her supper.
Apparently old, rich, foreign men.
Pay her mega bucks, to sing just one song.
Seems they can't bare an encore.
Mind you I didn't realize that singing,
 was the World's oldest profession !!


T. W. said...

Hmmmm. Pay me to sing one song. See what happens.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha bitch.....

Anonymous said...

She is a fame whore! Lol
Can't survive without attention from men!

Frugal and Fabulous said...


Anonymous said...

That's Crazy..she is still trying to do this.. she sang a song that made it on the radio about 10 years ago ..something about stars? No USA paparazzi pics of her in USA for a long time now.

she dose not have to create a fragrance or design shoes to sell or work in her parents hotels and can just sing one song to dirty old rich men. Unreal, the rich just keep getting richer but much easier nowadays.. I wonder if Paris makes more than her good friend kim kardashian by singing one song to old men? Fr some reason I feel Paris is making more much easier.

i really wonder about her aunt zsa zsa gabor held up in that house with that husband. Any insight from CD appreciated. Zsa ZSa is alive and 99 years old with that much younger husband. Any insight CD and why Paris dose not visit her?

Anonymous said...

A famous rich woman chooses to be a prostitute? Has she always had serious mental health issues or did years of snorting cocaine rot her brain? I wonder about the parents when silver spoon kids turn out like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother, Angelina's team made up that whole story about Brad trying to escape in a fuel truck, and peeing on the Tarmac. People who worked there didn't see any of that. They just got off the plane like normal people.

Common Sense said...

For real? Ugh, gross.

Apparently she has a net worth of 100 million.

Also gross.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOL! Speaking of "oldest profession", if only people knew how many famous women in Hollywood began their careers with this same profession too. It would literally blow peoples minds. hehehe LOL

Frugal and Fabulous said...

did kim k really get robbed at gunpoint? or is it all PR?...it feels like the boy who cried wolf to me....how would we really believe it after all the fakeness from her

Maria said...

omg LOL!

I just got why you chose that image! lololo

T. W. said...

You know she has lots of practice "performing"