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Ring a Ring a PR...

Olympic idiot and moron Ryan Locthe.
In a bid to save his career.
Has become engaged to Playboy model,
 Kayla Rae Reid.
After knowing each other less than a year.
Funny just how close, 
this comes on the heels of his Brazil, woes.
Well, it's all PR.
It won't work.
In fact in the long run, 
will make things much worse.


Anonymous said…
Forgive me, I want to invade this post with another endorsement of CD's value. The predictions in my reading aren't due until next year onward, when all new things should come. But I know as part of a new future, some things from must inevitably pass to make way for it.

In the last few days I have been hit by one of those heartbreaking but inevitable endings that's the end of an entire 20 year chapter. It had to happen, but it still hurts like hell. But having turned my mind to a completely new future as predicted by CD, I have been able to balance the grief with a hopeful transition away from the past. Not long ago I would have been stuck in grief and my head full of 'look at what is gone, my life is lesser now.' I can see glimmers of a new horizon in the distance despite the pain. It's surprising how effective it has been in buoying me up through this process.

So thank you CD, my coping skills have improved even though the future hasn't started yet.
T. W. said…
Something else will come out.
Anonymous said…
He is an idiot! He looks foolish on Dancjng with the Stars!
Anonymous said…
He should just have dealt with the consequences of his actions and apologized to his team mates.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
Praying for you 8:16. You have a good attitude, which goes a long way to making your new life a pleasant one.
Anonymous said…

Apparently Shia Labeouf just got married. Yikes, I feel sorry for the women he married. I've always heared stories about him being reckless and abusive towards his girlfriends.

Shia is not sane.
Anonymous said…
But Ryan and his "model" are so pretty!

Yah, I could care less, too.
Anonymous said…
Anon @ 8.16pm.
Hi, I understand exactly what you mean. Thanks for expressing it so well. Wishing you continued healing of heartbreak, departure of the sorrow of heartbreak & all the very best for the future you (&CD) know of. Be hopeful & be well. So we're kinda both hoping for better new things....Let's do better futures, kind to ourselves about the past, but let go to move forward. TLC to you, LH, London.
T. W. said…
LH you are precious.
Common Sense said…
There are some really caring and thoughtful people who post here. God bless you!

As far as Ryan's engagement goes, I wish him luck, because my gut tells me he is gonna need it.
Anonymous said…
11.49. 12.36, TW, Common Sense,

Sorry I couldn't reply earlier, at times like this just when you need to catch up on lots of lost sleep you have to go out and get loads of necessary tasks done as well, it's exhausting and you feel like you're on wappy drugs.

Thank you for the prayers and kind words, I just wanted to highlight the subtler effect of reaching out for a reading. It can work unexpected magic on your mindset.

As for having a good attitude, it's only after many years of making every mistake there is! It's a relief I can leave those days behind. Whatever good that comes, I'll be able to fully treasure it and not sabotage it now.
NicQuerica said…
For every door that closes, a new one is opening.
NicQuerica said…
I actually kinda like Ryan Lochte. He's cute but so dumb that he can't help himself; all he knows how to do is swim! Lol
T. W. said…
God bless you always Anonymous!

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