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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TOLD YA, That was quick....

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Miracle ...

If Donald " Babyfart " Trump.
Survives October.
It'll be a Bloody Miracle.
Going to be SPOOKY......


Anonymous said...

I thought he was going to get Shot!!

Anonymous said...

Trump will find a way to spin this too!!
I think the only thing that will keep him out of the running is a bullet!

Anonymous said...

How's this clown gonna spin this one? He reminds me of Sarah Palin with orange skin and matching hair.

Anonymous said...

His supporters Giuliani and Chris Christie are already spinning this calling him "genius" for managing to avoid paying taxes. Unreal!!!

T. W. said...

How do you lose a billion dollars? Maybe he hid money in offshore accounts.

Anonymous said...

The only ones doing the spinning are the MSM. If you read beyond the headlines, he didn't break any laws. His casinos took a nearly billion dollar hit during the 90s and there are rules in place with the IRS to take that into consideration when filing returns over a number of years. Like when the NY Times paid no taxes in 2014 or Bernie Sanders managed to get into a 13.5 percent tax bracket for 2014 while making more than 200,000 a year. While people making less than half of what he made were in a 25 percent bracket or higher.

None of the above broke laws, it is all legal. But only one of them is being called out on it.

Anonymous said...

To Annon at 2:01,

All he has to do is release his tax returns. Every other candidate releases them. Instead, he refused, and now it's biting him in the ass.

Release them, Donald. Make the problem go away, if you're brave (because we all believe there are OTHER things in there too).

His fault, not ours.


Anonymous said...

Donald=no taxes since the nineties. Screw him. Chris Crusty even gave him a 30 million dollar tax break in Jersey.

The reason you can quote Bernies taxes against him is because he released them. Trump is hiding like a chicken behind a tax audit, even though all he has to do is give his copies of his returns to the media. Peck peck, cluck, Take a dump on chicken little Trump.

Anonymous said...

I keep asking myself how in the hell ANYBODY would trust someone with their life savings, jobs, etc. and even remotely consider voting for someone that has filed bankruptcy SIX times. Count it out with, two, three, four, five....SIX times. Now, I am hearing he lost over a trillion dollars in a year (filed in his tax returns). Well, I got my answer yesterday in an article a friend sent to me that was written by a psychology professor. Trump voters are suffering from stupidity that is so rampant that they don't realize they are stupid. Literally! I need to find the link to the article and post it.

Anonymous said...

God bless you CD. I don't know how I would've made it through this election season without your insights. Can't wait to celebrate the day after election day! I'd love to hear your predictions for the futures of President Obama and Vice President Biden after next January 20th. Also - what do you see for the (ruined?!) careers of Chris Christie and Guiliani who are apologists for this sociopath Trump?

Anonymous said...

Why the hell does Rob pattinson look like he wants to off himself all the time?

Charlene Bullock said...

This guy is annoying the shit outta me lol

chris said...

ugh...just saw 3 Trump Pence bumper stickers on my drive home today...Took every ounce of self control not to yell at their stupidity. I'm not gonna lie though, the entertainment value of this election has been fun to watch. I would be horrified if CD wasn't calming my nerves with his predictions about Drumpf. Curious if you have any comments on the health of some scary stuff on her heart/valve issues and her avoiding treatment so it does not hit the press. Are they true?

Common Sense said...

Tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine.

Anonymous said...

To the person claiming he didn't break any laws I say.....get over yourself! Just because something is "legal" doesn't make it right. He would be the fox guarding the hen house if he were elected. Tax laws have to be changed so that rich people freeloading don't get to suck off of tax payers like a bloated tick on a dog. He isn't going to stop it, because he is benefiting from it, Capice? Oh and btw....raping underage girls IS illegal, using your foundation as a slush fund IS illegal. He is a criminal and there are even witnesses to the rape, unlike all the lies about Hillary that never materialize because they are just slander. See....there really is a difference between truth, lies, and slander.

Anonymous said...

8:58, I see Chris Crusty and Guiliani enjoying a complimentaryTrump cocktail on the beach of an off shore tax haven with tired old rapist Julian Assange.

Anonymous said...

2:01 am wrote the same thing on another thread. Borrrring!

Anonymous said...

Assanges big October Surprise announcement on Tuesday: Wikileaks 10th anniversary.

Trumpers heartbroken, hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:11, you need to get over YOURSELF and stop ignoring the fact that Hillary ALSO used the same laws. IS it only a problem if the person using said laws is not to YOUR political liking? How hypocritical and willfully blind of you.

If he didn't break any laws, then it is pretty stupid to be making an issue out of this non issue. Are you able to understand that certain tax laws are in place to protect businesses from going under? Have you even once considered the jobs that are at stake when companies take that big of a hit? And are you aware that when Trump's casinos took a hit, other casinos did as well and Atlantic City is STILL at danger of financial disaster? Revel was open from 2012 to 2014. Showboat closed down in 2014. So did Atlantic Club casino. There are others. The industry has been in trouble for years and it wasn't just HIS casinos having trouble. So try educating yourself first.

Not even going to get into the idiocy that is the allegation that he lost over a TRILLION dollars. No private citizen has a trillion dollars to lose.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:37, Trump did not file for bankruptcy SIX times. He filed bankruptcy FOUR times on behalf of the casinos he had at the time which were experiencing a similar hit to other casino resorts in Atlantic City at that time. FOUR, NOT SIX, and none of them were personal bankruptcy filings.

I mean, I voted for Hillary in the primaries, but the sheer ignorance being spread by the Democrats bothers me just as much as that coming from the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:07 , what a pity that facts and truth bore you so. Your candidate of choice must be so thrilled to have uninformed voters such as yourself who are far more interested in buying into catchy soundbites rather than doing the research themselves.

Anonymous said...

Calm down people. Taking deep breaths always helps..

Anonymous said...

So why isn’t Hillary held accountable for losing $6 billion of U.S. taxpayer dollars in the State Department from 2008 to 2014? According to a report by the Inspector General, Clinton simply lost the $6 billion through “improper filings” The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts during the past six years, mainly during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton! Now there's a "genius!"

Anonymous said...

Trumpers all butt hurt over Assange non event. Got to kick the dog, yell at the wife, and be idiots on forums.

Maria said...

OMFG are you for REAL Anon 3:10? Yeah okay. You just keep looking for reasons to be disgusted by a false equivalence between both parties. How DUMB. What a LIE. Is that how you excuse poor judgment, management, ethics, massive greed, laziness and selfishness? That it was not personal and only 4 times. Oh yeah! That makes it so much better!

That fucker should be transparent and happy to pay taxes! Grateful to HELP and contribute. Not avoid them to pad his account with another billion. How TF does he look at all those vets he keeps talking about - the one's he's never even donated a cent towards UNTIL forced to do so this past year? Do you get that? He didn't even WANT TO. What, no time to read Washington Post and get the real facts on his non-existent charitable donations? Or are facts not helpful to your reasoning? You probably think the Clinton Foundation does nothing good in the world, too. Yeah, Trump's a good, giving, caring, honest man. My ass!

You too Anon 10:51. Twisted bullshit facts and reasoning. You score no points.